Company Profile

Cosmo Bio Group’s Profile


Contribute to the advancement of life sciences

Mission Statement

The Cosmo Bio Group aims to contribute to the advancement of science by continuously strengthening and improving our power to help scientists discover, understand, select, and obtain extraordinary materials and services for meaningful experimental results.

  • 1. Contribute to the advancement of life sciences

  • 2. Earn the trust of everyone we touch

  • 3. Take pride in ourselves and all who share our common vision

Management Policy

Enhancing corporate value to enhance trust by all in life sciences

  • 1. To support broad range of products and services

  • 2. Provide reliable, relevant scientific information

  • 3. Maintain efficient distribution logistics

  • 4. Create a rewarding working environment

Cosmo Bio Group’s Mission

Our mission is to serve
those who are indicated to
the field of life science...

We provide the latest information on technological advancements as well as products from trusted manufacturers for establishments involved in biology, such as educational organizations, research institutions, and inspection agencies worldwide. We are honored to have an extensive range of products and information that allow us to satisfy the various needs of our customers. Utilizing our international networks and high-quality information that we have cultivated so far, we are dedicated in supporting biological research with the responsibility of being a trusted company by customers around the world.