Company Profile

Cosmo Bio's Mission

Our mission is to serve
those who are indicated to
the field of life science...

We provide the latest information on technological advancements as well as products from trusted manufacturers for establishments involved in biology, such as educational organizations, research institutions, and inspection agencies worldwide. We are honored to have an extensive range of products and information that allow us to satisfy the various needs of our customers. Utilizing our international networks and high-quality information that we have cultivated so far, we are dedicated in supporting biological research with the responsibility of being a trusted company by customers around the world.

Company Philosophy

  • 1

    Contribute to the
    development of
    life science knowledge.

    By improving people’s health and
    well-being, we help build a safer
    and more affluent society.

  • 2

    Be the best partner
    to our customers.

    We make every effort
    to satisfy our customers.

  • 3

    Take care of
    our employees.

    We strive to create and maintain
    a workplace in which our employees
    can enjoy rewarding careers
    that ultimately enrich their lives.

Company Value Proposition

  • Comprehensive product offering

    With 16 million available products, including the very latest to market, Cosmo Bio supports customers across the entire spectrum of life science research fields and researcher interests.

  • Reliable information services

    Our vast product information services, anchored by our efficient website search function and including catalogs, newsletters and other periodicals, empower our customers to quickly find information to keep their projects moving forward.

  • Advanced logistics services

    Rigorous inventory management and advanced logistics systems enable Cosmo Bio to deliver products and services to our customers in the shortest time possible.

  • Dependable

    Our highly trained staff respond quickly and accurately to the wide variety of inquiries we receive from our customers to deliver solutions that help solve customer problems.