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Our dynamic, three-dimensional logo design symbolizes our eager anticipation for an infinitely expanding future. By utilizing eccentric, free-flowing curves, we hope to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in our viewers as they gaze upon our emblem. Furthermore, these curves represent our desire to readily respond and adapt to changing times with flexibility and vigor. A subtle shift in perspective can reveal the letters “c” of “Cosmo” and “b” of “Bio.” We have an endearing nickname for our logo: “pnyo,” which gives a soft and charming impression in Japanese.

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Inspiration for Life Science

Our thoughts

“Hospitality” - that is the fundamental principle of our activities. Thus, we seek to assist our customers with sincere dedication. “Hospitality” is embedded in our management philosophy as well, which is to “contribute to the advancement and development of the life sciences.” We have selected five keywords that will help guide us in upholding this core value throughout our endeavors.
These are: life science, trust, future, freedom, and people.

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We are committed to life science. We hope that our efforts in advancing biological research (future), flexibly responding to various needs (freedom), and delivering with added value leads to trust with our partners. We will ensure that people will be left with a sense of contentment by connecting them to our passionate line of communication.