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Custom single-domain antibody isolation services

VHH antibody screening service


The camelid has an antibody comprised only of H chain, and the variable region is called VHH antibody. The VHH antibody has high stability to temperature and pH, and low-cost production is possible with a microbe. We can screen VHH antibody gene efficiently by using the high quality VHH antibody gene library and the cDNA display technology. The provided VHH antibody can be produced by Brevibacillus secretion system at high productivity. We perform one-stop service of production of VHH antibody protein from the acquisition of the genetic information.

Service Overview

  • • Screening of VHH antibody gene
  • • Typical deliverables from such a project are 3 VHH clones, sequences of VHH clones, 0.5 mg amounts of purified VHHs.
  • • The time involved for the whole process is about 4 months.
  • • Evaluation for ELISA

For more details or special requests,

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