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Type I collagenase assay kit


Type I collagenase has an important role on the collagen metabolism and cleaves Type I collagen, which one of the collagen family comprising 9 members, yielding 1/4 and 3/4 collagen fragments. Type I collagenase Assay Kit (PMC-AK37-COS) is designed to quantify Type I collagenase activity using a fluorescent-labeled collagen as a substrate.
This kit provides a convenient system for studying, for example, arthitic synovial in which Type I collagenase activity can be detected.

Kit Components

Item Amount
Fluorescent-labeled collagen 6 mL x 2
Buffer A 100 mL x 1
Buffer B 150 mL x 1

One kit contains regents for 240 samples using a fluorometer or 480 samples using a fluorescent microplate reader.


Prepare tubes for sample, blanks, and Substrate Solution.

1. Add 100 uL of Substrate Solution into each tube.
2. Add 100 uL of sample into each tube and mix thoroughly. For Total Reaction Substrate Solution and Blank, add 100μLof Sample Diluent into each tube. In the case that collagenase activity will be high, the samples must be diluted with Sample Diluent.
3. Incubate sample and blank tube at 35ºC for 1-3 hours and Total Reaction Substrate Solution tube at 80ºC for 3 minutes.
4. Add 600 uL of cool Buffer B into each tube and mix thoroughly. Keep on ice for 15 minutes, and then centrifuge at 10,000 rpm for 10 minutes at 4ºC.
5. Collect the supernatant and examine the sample by fluorometer with an excitation filter of 4985 nm and an emission filter of 520 nm.

Note: For microtiter plate wells, use half the amount of reagents for each well.

Product List

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Type I collagenase assay kit


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