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TRAP Staining Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Is the Kit recommended for paraffin-embedded tissue use?
Answer Unfortunately, we do not have experience using the kit with paraffin-embeeded tissue. However, samples fixed with Formalin are unable to be stained.
Question On the datasheet, it is indicated that the kit is capable of staining 10 x 96-well plates. Could you please tell me the procedures when using a 6-well plate?
Answer Please use 30 times more reagent compared to when using the 96-well plate. For example the amount of coloring agent per well will be 1.5ml.
Question Will staining of macrophages be positive with the kit staining?
Answer Yes, macrophages will stain positive too.
Question When carrying out immunofluorescence, can the kit be used together? If possible, please let us know the protocol.
Answer We do not have any experience using the kit with immunofluorescence, however it may be possible, thus we kindly ask you to try it out. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee results.
Question How long can the chromogenic substrate solution be kept at 4C once dissolved?
Answer Unfortuantely, Chromogenic substrate can't be stored after dissolution. Because it should be prepared prior to carrying out the experiment, chromogenic substrate is supplied at small units of 3mg in 10 vials.
Question Do you offer a smaller size kit for this product?
Answer Unfortunately no.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.