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When cells transform into cancer cells, anchorage-independent growth leads to uncontrolled growth. Cancer cells migrate to other locations in the body via the bloodstream where they invade and proliferate. Cancer cells have a different micro-environment which is in a low oxygen or oxygen-free state. Radiation therapy is difficult, and cells are resistant to chemotherapy drugs; there is a correlation between the percentage of hypoxic cells of solid tumors, between the cancer treatment prognosis. In recent years, "cancer stem cells" have been studied extensively. Cancer stem cells are reprogrammed cancer cells. It is believed that the elimination of cancer stem cells is essential in order to eliminate the cancer. Cancer stem cells has been attracting attention as a target for ultimate cancer treatment.

Cancer stem cell [CSC]

 Cancer Stem Cell Markers and Tumor Markers
Cancer TypeCancer Stem Cell MarkerTumor Markers
Colon cancer CD44+ CD133+ CEA、NCC-ST-439、STN
Breast cancer CD44+ CD24-/low CA-125、CA15-3、CEA、NCC-ST-439、c-erbB-2、IAP、TPA
Gastric cancer CD44+ CEA、STN、CA242、CA19-9、NCC-ST439
Pancreatic cancer CD44+ CD24+ ESA+ CA-125、CA19-9、CEA、Elastase I、NCC-ST-439、SLX、STN、CA-50、DUPAN-2
Hepatic cancer CD133+ CA-125、CEA、SLX、Fuc-GM1、CA19-9
Prostate cancer CD44+ PSA、PSA-ACT、PAP
Metastatic melanoma CD20+ -
Head and neck cancer CD44+ -
Brain tumor CD133+ IDH1R132H
Acute myeloid leukemia CD34+ CD38- -
Lung cancer SpCam Squamous cell carcinoma : CYFRA、SCC
Small cell carcinoma (SCLC)  :NSE、ProGRP、NCAM
Thyroid cancer   CEA、Tg、CT
Biliary cancer   CA19-9、CEA、CA50、DUPAN-2、SPan-1
Neuroblastoma   NSE
Kidney cancer   BFP
Breast cancer   CA-125、CA15-3、CEA、NCC-ST-439、c-erbB-2、IAP、TPA
Cervical cancer   SCC、STN、CEA
Uterine cancer   CA-125
Ovary cancer   KLK6〜8、CA-125、STN、SLX、CA72-4、HepsinMatriptase

Marker Antibodies

Cancer Stem Cell Marker Antibodies

Antibodies for Exosome

Tumor Cells Culturing kit

Tumor cell line

3D Cell Culturing for Cancer cells


3D cell culturing plate

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.