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useful for quantitative determination of rat GLP-2 in serum or plasma samples.

Rat GLP-2 [Glucagon-Like Peptide-2] EIA Kit


The proglucagon gene is expressed in both pancreatic A cell and intestinal L cell. Tissue-specific posttranslational processing of proglucagon by the prohormone convertase produced the different proglucagon derived peptides( PGDPs ) in both pancreas and intestine. The most notable pancreatic PGDP is glucagon, whereas the L cell produces several structurally related peptides, including glucagon-like peptide(GLP)-1 and GLP-2, as well as glicentin and oxyntomodulin, which contain glucagon sequence in their molecules. Among PGDPs, GLP-2 has recently been found to show intestinal epithelial proliferation.

Feature and Advantages

This EIA kit is used for quantitative determination of rat GLP-2 in serum or plasma samples. It has a lot of advantage to perform the assay, such as good quantification, high specificity and no influence with other body fluid factors or physiological active substances.
Rat GLP-2 standard is highly purified synthetic product.

  • The assay kit can measure GLP-2 in the range of 0.137-100 ng/mL
  • The assay completes within 16-18 hr.+ 1.5 hr.
  • With one assay kit, 40 samples can be measured in duplicate
  • Test sample : rat serum and plasma Sample volume 25 μL
  • The 96-well plate in kit was consisted by 8-wells strips. The kit can be used separately.
  • Precision and reproducibility
      Intra-assay CV(%) Serum 3.5-8.9 Plusma 3.1-7.2
      Inter-assay CV(%) Serum 7.6-13.0 Plusma 6.7-11.5
  • Stability and Storage Store all of the components at 2-8°C.
    12 months from the date of manufacturing. The expiry date is described on the label of kit.

The EIA kit has high specificity to rat GLP-2 and shows no cross reactivity with rat glucagon and rat GLP-1 within the range of 300 pmol/mL.

This EIA kit for determination of rat GLP-2 in serum or plasma samples is based on a competitive enzyme immunoassay using combination with highly specific antibody to rat GLP-2 and biotin avidin affinity system. The 96 wells plate is coated with goat anti rabbit IgG antibody. Rat GLP-2 standard or samples, biotinylated rat GLP-2 and anti rat GLP-2 polyclonal antibody are added to the wells for competitive immunoreaction. After rinsing out excess rat GLP-2, HRP labeled streptoavidins are added to bind to the antigen-antibody complex so that HRP labeled streptoavidin biotinylated rat GLP-2 antibody complexs are formed on the surface of the wells. Finally, excess HRP labeled streptoavidins are rinsed out and HRP enzyme activity is determined and the concentration of rat GLP-2 is calculated.


ComponentFormQuantityMain Ingredient
1. Antibody coated plate MTP*1 1 plate
(96 wells)
Goat anti rabbit IgG
2. Rat GLP-2 standard lyophilized 1 vial
Synthetic rat GLP-2
3. Labeled antigen lyophilized 1 vial Biotinylated rat GLP-2
4. Rat GLP-2 Antibody lliquid 1 bottle
(6 mL)
Rabbit anti rat GLP-2
5. SA-HRP solution liquid 1 bottle
(12 mL)
HRP labeled streptoavidin
6. Substrate buffer liquid 1 bottle
(26 mL)
0.015% Hydrogen Peroxide
7. OPD tablet tablet 2 tablets o-Phenylenediamine dihydrochloride
8. Stopping solution liquid 1 bottle
(12 mL)
2N H2SO4
9. Buffer solution Liquid 1 bottle
(25 mL)
Phosphate buffer
10. Washing solution
Liquid 1 bottle
(50 mL)
Concentrated saline
11. Adhesive foil   3 sheets  

MTP*1 ….. Microtitration plat

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Glucagon-Like Peptide 2 EIA


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