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useful for quantitative determination of mouse C-Peptide in its plasma, serum & urine samples.

Mouse C - Peptide I EIA Kit

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This enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kit is a stable and convenient assay system for rat C-peptide in its plasma, serum, urine and culture supernatant The processing of proinsulin, which occurs within the B cell, yields insulin and C-peptide and insulin and C-peptide are secreted in equimolar quantities into blood circulation. Therefore, the measurement of C-peptide in blood reflects the concentration of insulin and also provides valuable information to evaluate the pancreatic B cell function. The EIA kit is using synthetic rat C-Peptide I as standard and biotinylated rat C-Peptide I as labeled antigen. The kit contains specific polyclonal antibody (C-peptide antibody) recognized to the amino acid sequence in the C-terminal side region which are common between rat C-Peptide I and II.


This ELISA kit is used for quantitative determination of rat C-Peptide in its plasma, serum, urine and culture supernatant samples. The kit is characterized for sensitive quantification, high specificity and no influences with other components in samples. Rat C-Peptide standard is highly purified synthetic product (purity: higher than 98%).

The EIA kit has high specificity to rat C-Peptide and shows no cross reactivity to human and other animal species.

<Test Principle>
This EIA kit for determination of rat C-Peptide in plasma, serum, urine and culture supernatant samples is based on a competitive enzyme immunoassay using combination of highly specific antibody to rat C-Peptide and biotin- avidin affinity system. The 96-wells plate is coated with goat anti rabbit IgG and C-Peptide standard or samples, labeled antigen and anti rat C-Peptide antibody are added to the wells for competitive immunoreaction. After incubation and plate washing, HRP labeled streptoavidin (SA-HRP) be added to form HRP labeled streptoavidin-biotinylated rat C-Peptide-antibody complex on the surface of the wells. Finally, HRP enzyme activity is determined by o-Phenylenediamine dihydrochloride (OPD) and the concentration of rat C-Peptide is calculated.


ComponentFormQuantityMain Ingredient
1. Antibody coated plate MTP*1 1 plate
(96 wells)
Goat anti rabbit IgG
2. C-Peptide standard lyophilized 1 vial
Synthetic mouse C-Peptide I
3. Labeled  antigen lyophilized 1 vial
(1.5 ng)
Biotinylated mouse C-Peptide I
4. C-Peptide antibody liquid 1 bottle
(6 mL)
Rabbit anti mouse C-Peptide I
5. SA-HRP solution liquid 1 bottle
(12 mL)
HRP labeled streptoavidin
6. Substrate buffer liquid 1 bottle
(26 mL)
0.015% Hydrogen Peroxide
7. OPD tablet tablet 2 tablets o-Phenylenediamine dihydrochloride
8. Stopping solution liquid 1 bottle
(12 mL)
1M H2SO4
9. Buffer solution
Liquid 1 bottle
(20 mL)
Phosphate buffer
10. Washing solution
Liquid 1 bottle
(50 mL)
Concentrated saline
11. Adhesive foil   3 sheets  

MTP*1........ Microtitration plat

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C-Peptide EIA

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