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for measurement of CgA-LI in human biological fluid such as plasma, urine and saliva.

Human Chromogranin A EIA Kit and related products


Chromogranin A (CgA) is an acidic secretory protein, consisting of 439 amino acid in human. The protein is found in a wide variety of hormone and neurotransmitter storage vesicles, and it is known to be co-stored and co-released with catecholamines from adrenal medulla and sympathetic neuronal vesicles during exocytosis. O’Conner and Bernstein have first reported radioimmunological measurement of CgA in human plasma under conditions of physiologic, pharmacologic and pathologic alteration of sympathoadrenal function. Nakane et al. recently discovered that CgA-LI exists in saliva, the concentration of which elevates rapidly under psychosomatic stress even prior to the elevation of salivary cortisol level. Subsequently, Kanno et al. presented an evidence for autonomic control of submandibular CgA-LI secretion in the anaesthetized rat.

Yanaihara Institute Inc. succeeded in developing, for the first time, a specific, sensitive, stable and easy manipulative enzyme immunoassay (EIA) system for measurement of human CgA-LI using anti-synthetic human CgA(344-374) antibody, synthetic human CgA(344-374) as standard antigen and Na-biotinylglycylglycyl human CgA(344-374) as labeled antigen. The assay kit now available from the Institute can be used for measurement of CgA-LI in human biological fluid such as plasma, urine and saliva.


Storage Store at 2 to 8 °C
Shelf life 6 month
Assay range 10 - 1,000 fmol/mL
  For 40 test samples in duplicate
Test sample saliva, plasma, urine
Microplate divisable
Test sample volume 25L
Test duration 16 20 hours + 2.5hours
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Kit component

    Form Quantity Content
1. Antibody coated
microtiter plate
Plate 96 wells Goat anti-rabbit IgG
2. Standard antigen Lyophilized 100 pmol x 1 Synthetic human CgA(344-374)
3. Labeled antigen Lyophilized 30 ng x 1 biotinylated human CgA(344-374)
4. Specific antibody Lyophilized 1 Rabbit anti-human CgA(344-374)
5. SA-HRP solution Solution 12 mL x1 HRP-conjugated streptoavidine
6. Substrate dissolving Solution 12 mL x1 0.1M phosphate-citrate buffer
  solution     Containing 0.015% H2O2
7. OPD reagent Tablet 2 O-phenylenediamine
8. Solution for stopping
enzyme reaction
Solution 12 mL x1 2N H2SO4
9. Buffer solution, Solution 12 mL x1 10 mM phosphate buffer containing
  concentrated     0.5% BSA, 0.025M EDTA and 0.15M NaCl
10. Washing solution,
Solution 50 mL x1 0.9% NaCl and 0.05% tween20
11. Micrititer plate sealing sheet Sheet 3  

The amino acid sequence of human CgA(344-374) :


The present assay kit is provided for quantitative measurement of CgA-LI in human plasma, urine and saliva. The measurement can be carried out in a simple manner within 2 days. The assay system is proved to be highly specific to human CgA and scarcely interfered by other components co-existing in biological samples used for CgA measurement.
Since the standard antigen in the assay kit is synthetic material, its high purity (over 98%) is guaranteed and the content indicated is the adsolute weight of the antigen. Na-biotinylglycylglycyl human CgA(344-374)is used as labeled antigen which is proved to be stable.

Rat CgA 70%
Human-granin 0%
Human pancreastatin (35-52) [Human CgA(284-301)] 0%
Human parastatin (1-19) [Human CgA(356-374)] 100%
WE-14 [Human CgA(324-337)] 0%
Porcine pancreastatin (1-49) 0%

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Chromogranin A EIA


¥ 76,000
$ 1014
€ 760

Anti Chromogranin A (359-389)

YII-Y290-EX 50UL

¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350

Anti Chromogranin A (94-130)

YII-Y291-EX 50UL

¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350

Anti Chromogranin A (343-360)

YII-Y292-EX 50UL

¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350

Anti Chromogranin A (344-374)

YII-Y293-EX 50UL

¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350