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glucagon / pancreas / diabetes / glucose loading / Glucagon EIA

Glucagon EIA Kit and Glucagon Related Products

For determination of Rat, Mouse or Human Glucagon


According to many studies on glucagon immunoassay, it has been established that the antibody against the C - terminal fragment ( 19 - 29 ) of glucagon has specific binding with pancreatic glucagon, whereas the antibody against the N - terminal fragment ( 9 - 19 ) of glucagon has specific binding with both of pancreatic and intestinal glucagon ( total glucagon ). Once, 30K by Unger et. al had been widely used as an antibody specific for the C - terminal fragment of glucagon, but Nishino, Shima and Yanaihara et. al succeeded in producing pancreatic glucagon specific antibody using synthetic peptide with the C - terminal fragment ( 19 - 29 ) of glucagon as immunogen in 1981.
This EIA kit has been developed by using polyclonal antibody against glucagon ( 19 - 29 ), synthetic glucagon as standard antigen and biotinylated glucagon as labeled antigen for the measurment of rat, mouse or human glucagon in plasma

Glucagon EIA Kit(124KB)PDF

Storage Store at 2 to 8 °C
Shelf life 12 month
Assay range 50 - 10,000 pg/mL
  For 41 test samples in duplicate
Test sample Plasma sample
Microplate divisable
Test sample volume 100L(50L)
Test duration 20 24 hours+1.5hours(100L)
44 48 hours+1.5hours(50L)


Biomarkers flyer
Biomarker mesurement kit Flyer download [PDF]


This EIA kit is used for quantitative determination of rat, mouse or human pancreatic glucagon in plasma sample. It has a lot of advantage to perform the assay, such as good quantification, high specificity and no influence with other body fluid factors or physiogical active substances.
Glucagon standard is highly purified synthetic product ( purity: higher than 98% ) and biotinylated peptide is purified by HPLC.

The EIA kit has high specificity to pancreatic glucagon and shows no cross reactivity with intestinal glucagon, GLP-1 and GLP-2.

<Test Principle>
This EIA kit for determination of rat, mouse or human pancreatic glucagon in plasma sample is based on a competitive enzyme immunoassay using combination with highly specific antibody to glucagon and biotin avidin affinity system. The 96 wells plate is coated with rabbit anti glucagon and glucagon standard or samples, and biotinylated glucagon are added to the wells for competitive immunoreaction. After rinsing out excess rat, mouse or human glucagon, HRP labeled streptoavidins are added to bind to the antigen-antibody complex so that HRP labeled streptoavidin - biotinylated glucagon antibody complexs are formed on the surface of the wells. Finally, excess HRP labeled streptoavidins are rinsed out and HRP enzyme activity is determined and the concentration of rat, mouse or human pancreatic glucagon is calculated.


    Form Quantity Content
1. Antibody coated
microtiter plate
MTP*1 1 plate
(96 wells)
Rabbit anti glucagon
2. Glucagon standard lyophilized 1 vial Synthetic glucagon(10ng/vial)
3. Labeled antigen lyophilized 1 vial Biotinylated pancreatic glucagon
4. Specific antibody liquid 1 bottle
(12 mL)
HRP labeled streptoavidin
5. Substrate buffer liquid 1 bottle
(26 mL)
0.015% Hydrogen Peroxide
6. OPD tablet tablet 2 tablets o-Phenylenediamine hydrochloride
7. Stopping solution liquid 1 bottle
(12 mL)
8. Buffer solution(A) Liquid 1 bottle
(10 mL)
Phosphate buffer including serum
9. Buffer solution(B) Liquid 1 bottle
(10 mL)
Phosphate buffer
10. Washing solution
Liquid 1 bottle
(50 mL)
Concentrated saline
11. Adhesive foil   4 sheets  

MTP*1 ….. Microtitration plat

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