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Anti BP180/type XVII collagen antibody


Host Mouse
Specificity BP180/type XVII collagen/BPAG2
Antigen A GST tagged fusion protein containing the COOH-terminal portion of human BP180 (AB900157, Ile1188–Pro1497)
Clone C34
Subclass IgG1 Kappa
Applications WB, IF, IP (Not tested yet in other applications.)

Example Assay Data

Western blot analysis

Fig.1 Western blot analysis
TritonX-100 insoluble cytoskeletal fraction (lane 1) and concentrated conditioned
medium (lane 2) prepared from DJM-1 cells were immunoblotted with the C34 antibody (1:200 dilution).
The C34 antibody detected a band at approximately 180 kDa in lane 1. This antibody
also reacted with a 120-kDa shed ectodomain of BP180 in lane 2. Polypeptiedes were separated by SDS-PAGE (7.5% separating gel).

Location of the epitope for the C34 antibody

Fig.2 Location of the epitope for the C34 antibody
The C34 antibody does not react with the 100-kDa extracellular fragment of BP180, which lacks the COOH-terminal portion (ref. 1).
The result indicates that the C34 antibody recognizes an epitope locates at the COOH-terminal portion of about 20 kDa. ICD, TM and ECD represent for intracellular, transmembrane and extracellular domains.
Collagenous domains are shown by gray boxes.

Immunofluorescence microscopy of human skin

Fig.3 Immunofluorescence microscopy of human skin
A human skin section was stained with C34 antibody at 1:200 dilution. The antibody revealed the location of BP180 molecules at the dermal-epidermal junction (arrow). E: epidermis, D: dermis. Bar = 50 um. Frozen sections were prepared as described previously (ref. 3).

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti BP180/type XVII collagen

CAC-NU-01-BP2 500UL

¥ 40,000
$ 534
€ 400

  • Yamauchi T., et al. J. Dermatol. Sci., 76:25-33 (2014)
  • Hirako Y., et al. Exp. Cell Res., 324:172-182 (2014)
  • Hirako Y., et al. J. Biol. Chem., 273:9711-9717 (1998)

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.