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High-quality antibody necessary for transcriptional control signal

Anti human PPAR alpha mouse monoclonal antibody

PPAR alpha : Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha


Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARa; NR1C1) is a member of orphan Nuclear receptor. PPARa exhibit the highest affinity with unsaturated fatty acids, linolenic and linolenic acids. PPARa is expressed in brown fat, liver, kidney, heart, mucosa of the stomach and duodenum, retina, adrenal gland, skeletal muscle, pancreatic islets and smooth muscle cells. PPARa plays important roles in lipid and glucose metabolism, and have been implicated in obesity-related metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, and coronary artery disease. Three members were called PPARa, b, g. RXR is an obligate partner for PPAR.


<Recommended Concentration>
In order to obtain the best results, optimal working dilutions should be determined by each individual user. This antibody does not recognize human PPAR gamma and delta. Not yet tested in other species.

Western Blot : 2 ug/mL
ELISA : 0.1 ug /mL
Immunoprecipitation : Decide by use
Supershift Assay : 100 ug/mL
Chromatin immunoprecipitation : Decide by use
Immunohistochemistry : Not yet tested


This antibody specifically recognizes human PPAR alpha and cross reacts with mouse PPAR alpha.

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PPX-PP-H0723-00 0.1ML

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