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HNF4 alpha : Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 alpha

Anti human HNF4 alpha mouse monoclonal antibody (isoforms 1-6)

High-quality antibody necessary for transcriptional control signal


Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha (HNF4, HNF4a ; NR2A1) is a member of orphan nuclear receptor. HNF4a is expressed in the liver, kidney, intestine andpancreas. Mutation of HNF4a in humans has been associated with maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 1 (MODY1). HNF4 binds to DNA as an exclusive homodimer. The HNF4a gene is alternatively spliced and may generate up to nine different isoforms, HNF4a1 through HNF4a9.


This antibody specifically recognizes human HNF4 alpha 1- 6 and cross reacts with mouse and rat HNF4 alpha 1-6.


<Recommended Concentration>
In order to obtain the best results, optimal working dilutions should be determined by each individual user.
Western Blot : 1 ug/mL
ELISA : 0.1 ug / mL
Immunoprecipitation : Decide by use
Supershift Assay : Not yet tested
Chromatin immunoprecipitation : Not yet tested
Immunohistochemistry : 10-20 ug / mL

Human Liver Hepatocyte paraffin section

Rat Intestine Epithelial cell paraffin section

1. Jae Mi Suh, et al. Mol Endocrinol, Dec. 2006, 20(12):3412-3420
2. Jun Qin, et al. Developmemtal Dynamics, 2007, 236:810-820 Higashiyama, et al. Acta Histochem, 2007, [E pub]

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Anti HNF4(ALPHA) (isoforms 1-6)

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