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For Oxidative Stress Research

Anti 7-ketocholesterol (7-KC) monoclonal antibody


What is 7-ketocholesterol?
Cholesterol oxidation products, especially 7-Ketocholesterol (7KC), have been the focus of much attention because they are present in human atherosclerotic plaque and display a wide range of atherogenic properties in vitro and to some extant in vivo. This antibody is specific for 7KC. This antibody is useful to detect 7KC in tissue samples. A frozen tissue sample is recommended for immunohistochemistry.

Source: Mouse
Antigen: 7KC-modified keyhole-lympet hemocyanine.
Form: Frozen in 10mM PBS containing 0.1 % NaN3 and 0.5% BSA.
  IgG concentration is 1mg/mL (please take care that only a small volume is in the vial).
Specificity: Specific for 7KC
Class: IgG
Storage: Less than -20°C
Application: ImmunohistochemistryIt is recommended that the antibody be tried at 5-10 micro g/mL on frozen tissue.
  Not applicable to paraffin embedded tissues.
Specifity of anti 7-KC antibody.
Immunohistochemical detection of 7KC in atherosclerotic aorta.
Noriyuki Shibata et al.
Tokyo Women’s medical University

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Anti 7-Ketocholesterol

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Anti 7-Ketocholesterol

NOF-N213810-EX 100UG

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