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in vivo siRNA transfection kit "AteloGene®" - References

 AteloGene® Top

Systemic Use

Systemic administration / Cancer research

References PubMed ID
Prostate cancer, Lung cancer siRNA intravenous,intratumor Takahashi M, et al. (2013) PLoS One 8(8): e73214. 23951344
Oral squamous cell carcinoma miRNA intravenous Tanaka H, et al. (2013) Oral Oncol. 49(6):551-559. 23481312
Non-small cell lung carcinoma, breast cancer siRNA intravenous Mochizuki S, et al. (2012) J Natl Cancer Inst. 104(12):906-922. 22636800
Metastatic osteosarcoma miRNA intravenous Osaki M, et al. (2011) Mol Ther.19(6):1123-1130. 21427707
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Azuma K, et al. (2010) Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 391(1):1075-1079. 20004643
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Sasaki T, et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. (2010) 399(1):79-83. 20638364
Metastatic prostate cancer miRNA intravenous Takeshita F, et al. (2010) Mol Ther.18(1):181-187. 19738602
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Mu P, et al. (2009) Int J Cancer.125(12):2978-2990. 19422046
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Hokaiwado N, et al. (2008)Carcinogenesis. 29(6):1134-1138. 18413363
Metastatic prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Takeshita F, et al. (2005) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 102(34):12177-12182. 16091473

Systemic administration / Various research

References PubMed ID
Autoimmune Inflammation siRNA intravenous Raveney BJ, et al. (2013) PLoS One. 8(2):e56595. 23437182
Endothelial permeability - - Hanai K, et al. (2012) J Drug Delivery.Article ID 245835. 22506120
Contact hypersensitivity siRNA intravenous Inaba S, et al. (2012) Mol Ther.20(2):356-366. 22031237
Autoimmune diabetes siRNA intraperitoneal Lian G, et al. (2012) J Immunol.188(5):2227-2234 . 22291182
Vascular inflammatory disease miRNA intravenous Sun X, et al. (2012) J Clin Invest.122(6):1973-1990. 22622040
Drug- and chemical-induced
acute liver injuries
siRNA intravenous Yoshikawa Y, et al. (2012) Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. [Epub ahead of print] 22841776
Limb-girdle muscular
siRNA intravenous Kawakami E, et al. (2011) Dev Growth Differ. 53(1):48-54. 21261610
Arthritis miRNA intravenous Nakasa T, et al. (2011) Arthritis Rheum.Jun;63(6):1582-1590. 21425254
Comparison of hepatotoxicity - intravenous Ogawa S, et al. (2011) J Toxicol Sci.36(6):751-762. 22129739
Autoimmune diabetes siRNA intraperitoneal Yamada A, et al. (2010) PLoS One.5(9):e12894. 20877570
Contact hypersensitivity siRNA intravenous Ishimoto T, et al. (2008) Mol Ther.16(2):387-395. 18059372
Muscular dystrophies siRNA intravenous
(orbital veins)
Kinouchi N, et al. (2008) Gene Ther.15(15):1126-1130. 18323791
Contact hypersensitivity antisense ODN intravenous Hanai K, et al. (2004) Hum Gene Ther.15(3):263-272. 15018735

Local Use

Local administration / Cancer research

References PubMed ID
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA intratumor Deng Q, et al. (2013) Hepatology. [Epub ahead of print] 23929653
Oral cancer siRNA peritumoral Endo H, et al. (2013) Carcinogenesis. 34(3):560-569. 23233740
Osteosarcoma. siRNA intratumor Fujiwara-Okada Y, et al. (2013) Br J Cancer. 108(4):836-847. 23462806
Breast cancer siRNA intratumor Kabuta T, et al. (2013) J Biol Chem. [Epub ahead of print] 23543736
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Nomura T et al. (2013) Mol Cancer. 12:27. 23566222
Renal cancer siRNA peritumor Takeuchi A, et al. (2013) Cancer Immunol Immunother. 62(3):517-527. 23052245
Glioma siRNA intratumor Yamaki T, et al. (2013) Sci Rep. 3:1160. 23362460
Prostate cancer siRNA intratumor Kawamura M, et al. (2012) Cell Death Differ. 19(1):170-179. 21681193
Premature senescence siRNA peritumoral Kim BC et al. (2012) EMBO J.31(22):4289-4303. 23085987
Prostate cancer shRNA peritumoral Koike K, et al. (2012) Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 12(7):847-856. 22515525
Glioma siRNA peritumoral Okazaki T, et al. (2012) Cancer Lett.323(2):199-207. 22542810
Glioma plasmid intratumor El Sayed SM, et al. (2012) Cancer Gene Ther. 19(1):1-18. 21921941
Urothelial carcinoma siRNA transurethral Shimada K, et al. (2012) Clin Cancer Res. 18(19):5247-5255. 22850567
Mesothelioma siRNA peritumoral Sudo H, et al. (2012) Cancer Sci.103(2):203-209. 22017350
Embryonal carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Ushida H, et al. (2012) J Urol.187(5):1876-1881. 22425046
Lung adenocarcinoma siRNA intratumor Yamaguchi T, et al. (2012) Cancer Cell.21(3):348-361. 22439932
Pancreatic cancer siRNA intratumor
(orthotopic model)
Yamato I, et al. (2012) Cancer Res.72(18):4829-4839 22826605
Glioma siRNA peritumoral Andradas C, et al. (2011) Oncogene.30(2):245-252. 20818416
Head and neck squamous
cell carcinoma
siRNA peritumoral Arai A, et al. (2011) Cancer Res.71(13):4598-4607. 21571861
Breast cancer siRNA inside of angioreacter Hashimoto A, et al. (2011) PLoS One.6(8):e23359. 21858086
Pancreatic cancer siRNA intratumor Kobayashi T, et al. (2011) Clin Exp Metastasis. 28(4):367-376. 21331750
Glioma siRNA intratumor Lorente M, et al. (2011) Cell Death Differ. 18(6):959-973. 21233844
Anaplastic large cell
peritumoral Matsuyama H, et al. (2011) Blood.118(26):6881-6892 22042699
Colon cancer siRNA intratumor Oh BY, et al. (2011) World J Gastroenterol. 17(20):2563-2571. 21633662
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Shigematsu S, et al. (2011) Exp Cell Res. 317(13):1851-1859. 21624362
Scirrhous gastric cancer miRNA
(orthotopic model)
Takei Y, et al. (2011) Cancer Res.71(4):1442-1453. 21169410
Ewing's sarcoma siRNA intratumor Takigami I, et al. (2011) Int J Cancer.128(1):216-226. 20648560
Non-small cell lung cancer siRNA peritumoral
(orthotopic model)
Tasaki M, et al. (2011) Br J Cancer.104(4):700-706. 21285982
Renal cell carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Tomita S, et al. (2011) Cancer Sci.102(1):57-63. 21054677
Endometrial cancer miRNA peritumoral Tsuruta T, et al. (2011) Cancer Res.71(20):6450-6462. 21868754
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Vara D, et al. (2011) Cell Death Differ.18(7):1099-1111. 21475304
Prostate cancer siRNA intratumor Zeng Y, et al. (2011) J Biol Chem.286(16):13985-13994. 21357425
Mammary carcinoma siRNA intra-mammary fat pad
(orthotopic model)
Cheng L, et al. (2010) Oncogene.29(42):5700-5711. 20676140
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Forootan SS, et al. (2010) Int J Oncol.36(1):69-76. 19956834
Cervical cancer siRNA peritumoral He L, et al. (2010) J Clin Invest.120(6):2094-2108. 20458142
Head and neck carcinoma miRNA
peritumoral Liu CJ, et al. (2010) Cancer Res.70(4):1635-1644. 20145132
Myeloma siRNA peritumoral Marsaud V, et al. (2010) Mol Cancer.9:103. 20459741
Ewing's sarcoma siRNA intratumor Nagano A, et al. (2010) Int J Cancer.126(12):2790-2798. 19642105
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA intratumor Satow R, et al. (2010) Clin Cancer Res.16(9):2518-2528. 20388846
Colorectal cancer siRNA intratumor Shitashige M, et al. (2010) Cancer Res.70(12):5024-5033. 20530691
Mesothelioma siRNA peritumoral Sudo H, et al. (2010) Genomics.95(4):210-216. 20153416
p53 mutation siRNA peritumoral Tanooka H, et al. (2010) Cancer Gene Ther. 17(1):1-10. 19557034
Myeloma siRNA peritumoral Ashihara E, et al. (2009 ) Clin Cancer Res. 15(8):2731-2738. 19351774
Glioma siRNA peritumoral Lorente M, et al. (2009) Glia.57(13):1374-1385. 19229996
Bladder cancer siRNA transurethral Shimada K, et al. (2009) Cancer Res.69(7):3157-3164. 19293182
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Shimada K, et al. (2009) Cancer Sci.100(7):1248-1254. 19432893
Osteosarcoma siRNA intratumor Yamaguchi U, et al. (2009) Cancer Sci.100(12):2268-2274. 19725836
Breast cancer siRNA intratumor Bernard-Pierrot I, et al. (2008) Cancer Res. 68(17):7165-7175. 18757432
Breast cancer siRNA intratumor
(orthotopic model)
Honma K, et al. (2008) Nat Med.14(9):939-948. 18724378
Pancreatic cancer siRNA intratumor Iwaki K, et al. (2008) Int J Cancer.122(3):658-663. 17935125
Non-small cell lung
siRNA peritumoral Migita T, et al. (2008) Cancer Res.68(20):8547-8554. 18922930
Salivary adenoid
cystic carcinoma
siRNA intratumor Shirasaki T, et al. (2008) BMC Cancer.8:348. 19036131
Melanoma siRNA peritumoral Ueno Y, et al. (2008) Int J Cancer.123(2):340-347. 18398842
Cervical cancer siRNA intratumor Yamato K, et al. (2008) Cancer Gene Ther. 15(3):140-153. 18157144
Cervical cancer siRNA intratumor Yu D, et al. (2008) Cancer Sci.99(4):810-815. 18377429
Cholangiocarcinoma siRNA intratumor Kokuryo T, et al. (2007) Cancer Res.67(20):9637-9642. 17942892
Gastrointestinal cancer、
Nakazawa K, et al. (2007) Cancer.109(5):993-1002. 17318877
Colon cancer miRNA peritumoral Tazawa H, et al. (2007) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104(39):15472-15477. 17875987
Ovarian carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Yamashita M, et al. (2007) Int J Cancer. 120(10):2243-2250. 17266036
Cervical cancer siRNA intratumor Fujii T, et al. (2006) Int J Oncol.29(3):541-548. 16865269
Head and neck squamous
cell carcinoma
siRNA intratumor Nozawa H, et al. (2006) Cancer Sci.97(10):1115-1124. 16984384
Prostate cancer siRNA intratumor Takei Y, et al. (2006) Cancer.107(4):864-873. 16832814
Cervical cancer siRNA peritumoral Kuroda M, et al. (2005) Br J Cancer.92(2):290-293. 15655544
Prostate cancer antisense ODN peritumoral Takei Y, et al. (2005) Int J Cancer.114(3):490-497. 15578698
germcell tumor
siRNA intratumor
(orthotopic model)
Minakuchi Y, et al. (2004) Nucleic Acids Res. 32(13):e109. 15272050
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Takei Y, et al. (2004) Cancer Res.64(10):3365-3370. 15150085
Germ cell tumor antisense ODN peritumoral Hirai K, et al. (2003) J Gene Med.5(11):951-957. 14601132
Rectal carcinoma antisense
intratumor Takei Y, et al. (2002) J Biol Chem.277(26):23800-23806. 11959856
Rectal carcinoma antisense
peritumoral Takei Y, et al. (2001) Cancer Res.61(23):8486-8491. 11731432

Local administration / Various research

References PubMed ID
Muscular atrophy siRNA intramuscular Kawakami E, et al. (2013) PLoS One. 8(5):e64719. 23717655
Bone fracture siRNA fracture site Kawakami Y, et al. (2013) Lab Invest. [Epub ahead of print] 23897412
Scleroderma siRNA intracutaneous Makino K, et al. (2013) J Immunol. 190(8):3905-3915. 23509348
Hypertension siRNA microinjection to RVLM Matsukawa R, et al. (2013) Am J Hypertens. 26 (1): 51-57. 23382327
Spinal cord injury siRNA intrathecal Ando T, et al. (2012) PLoS One 7(12): e51744. 20181596
Fibrosis siRNA intracutaneous Distler A, et al. (2012) Ann Rheum Dis. 72(9):1575-1580. 23148305
Fibrosis siRNA intracutaneous Horn A, et al. (2012) Ann Rheum Dis. 71:785-789. 22402139
Fibrosis siRNA intracutaneous Khodzhigorova A, et al. (2012) Ann Rheum Dis. [Epub ahead of print] 22904261
Asthma siRNA tracheal catheter Liu S, et al. (2012) Immunol Cell Biol. 90(3):337-345. 21625250
Corneal injury shRNA subconjunctival Bellner L, et al. (2011) Mol Vis.17:1144-1152. 21552471
Hypertension siRNA microinjection to RVLM Matsukawa R, et al. (2011) J Hypertens. 29(9):1735-1742. 21738056
Spinal cord injury siRNA contused cord surface Toyooka T, et al. (2011) J Neurotrauma. 28(4):607-618. 21250919
Nickel allergy siRNA ear pinnae Watanabe M, et al. (2011) PLoS One. 6(4):e19017. 21544193
Muscle injury miRNA muscle defect area Nakasa T, et al. (2010) J Cell Mol Med. 14(10):2495-2505. 19754672
Arthritis miRNA ntraarticular Nagata Y, et al. (2009) Arthritis Rheum. 60(9):2677-2683. 19714650
Progressive multifocal
siRNA microinjection to
Matoba T, et al. (2008)Neuropathology. 28(3):286-294. 18179406
Intimal hyperplasia siRNA surface of vein graft Banno H, et al. (2006) J Vasc Surg. 44(3):633-641. 16950446
Endothelial dysfunction plasmid intramuscular Shinozaki K, et al. (2005)Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 46(4):505-512. 16160605
Familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy single-
stranded ODN
liver Nakamura M, et al. (2004) Gene Ther. 11(10):838-846. 14961068
Repeated administration of adenovirus vector adenovirus
intraperitoneal Ochiya T, et al. (2001) Curr Gene Ther. 1(1):31-52. 12109137
To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.