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convenient to quantify amount of urinary creatinine

Urinary Creatinine ELISA Kit


Creatinine is a metabolic waste product formed due to non-enzymatic conversion of creatine and phosphocreatine, the most part of which are found in muscle tissues. Creatinine diffuses into the blood and is excreted by kidneys into the urine. In normal condition, the excretion of creatinine is a relatively constant(1-2% of total creatine pool per day). The amount of creatinine produced is proportional to an individual’s muscle mass. The urinary creatinine levels are commonly used as tool of normalization for other molecules in the urine or other tests. In addition, determination of urinary creatinine is also useful for detecting muscular and kidney disease, and estimation the extent of impairment renal function. Our kit is convenient to quantify amount of urinary creatinine by using ELISA method. This kit is only for research use, not for diagnosis.

・ Highly sensitive and specific
・ Strip type well, antigen pre-coated microplate
・ Assay range : 0.625-20mg/dl

measurement principle

Standard curve

Kit Contents

(1) Antigen coated microtiter plate,96 wells 1 plate
(2) Creatinine standard 250μl  × 2
(3) Antibody diluent 20mL × 1
(4) HRP- anti Creatinine antibody concentrate(×100) 60μl × 1
(5) OPD (o-phenylendiamine) tablets 2 tab.
(6) Substrate solution 30 mL × 1
(7) Stop solution 15 mL  × 1
(8) Wash buffer concentrate (×20) 30 mL × 1
(9) Dilution plate  1 plate

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Urinary Creatinine ELISA Kit


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