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Anti Human L-type Amino Acid Transporter 1(LAT1) Antibody


Mammalian amino acid transport system is consisted of large variety of transporters, with the reflection of amino acid molecule variety, and is clessfied into various transport systems by the transportative substrate selectivity and the Na+ dependence with the reflection of amino acid molecule variety.
L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1) is a predicted 12 membrane-spanning protein and is unique because it requires an additional single membrane spanning protein, 4F2 heavy chain (4F2hc:CD98), for its functional expression. L-type is Na+ -independent neutral amino acid transporter agency and essential for the transporter of large neutral amino acid such as Leucine, Isoleucine, Varine through the plasma membrane. LAT1 is, thus transporter responsible for the permeation of aromatic or branched-chain amino acids and amino acid-related drugs such as L-DOPA. LAT has been proposed to be one of the major nutrient transport systems at the blood-brain barrier. Highly regulated nature and high level of expression in tumor cell lines, LAT is thought to be up-regulated to support the high protein synthesis for cell glowth and cell activation.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti L-Type Amino Acid Transporter 1 / LAT1

KAL-KE023 20UG

¥ 57,750
$ 770
€ 578

Anti L-Type Amino Acid Transporter 1 / LAT1

KAL-KE026 25UG

¥ 51,450
$ 686
€ 515

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.