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Probe molecules such as antibodies, proteins and nucleic acids can be immobilized

Magnetic Particles for Bioseparation (Magnosphere™ S300/Streptavidin)


Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin particles are Streptavidin coated magnetic microparticles for bioseparation. The surfaces of Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin particles are covered with hydrophilic polymer to achieve both low non-specific binding and no inhibition of enzyme activity. Consequently, Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin particles can be used for PCR amplification systems or enzyme immunoassay systems.


PCR, quantitative PCR
DNA hybridization,
Capturing biotinylated proteins
Enzyme immunoassay

Example of use 1 Influence on PCR

Added amount of Magnosphere to the PCR cocktail (mg/tube)

Various amount of Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin were added to PCR cocktail with defined amount of 100bp DNA and the DNA were amplified by qPCR. Obtained Threshold Cycle (Ct) were plotted against added bead amount. As a result, Ct values were not affected by addition of Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin through 3mg/tube.

Example of use 2

Added amount of biotin labeled DNA (copies)

Added vs. immobilized DNA on the Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin. According to the protocol above, various amount of biotin labeled 100bp DNA were reacted with the Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin. The amount of immobilized DNA were quantitated through a qPCR using bead fraction.

Feature and Advantages

  • High affinity to biotinylated proteins or nucleotides
  • Uniform particle size
  • Superparamagnetic
  • Rapid magnetic responsiveness
  • Low non-specific binding
  • Free of enzyme activity


This product is for research use only and not intended for the other purposes such as therapeutic or diagnostic use. Refer to or verify all regulatory and safety information, and determine suitability of this product before use. The specifications of the product are subjected to change without notice.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin


¥ 40,000
$ 534
€ 400

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.