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Antibody related to substance transit system in tonoplast and cytoplasmic membrane of the plant

Aquaporin SIP[Small basic Intrinsic protein i] antibody


The plant carries the water sucked up from the root to the whole through fibrovascular bundle. It is known that these two[Apoplast],[Symplast] routes exist and It is thought that Aquaporin promotes the transportation of water by Symplast. The traffic volume of the ion doesn't decrease though the traffic volume of water decreases when the plant is exposed to the mercury chloride. Therefore, it is thought that the transportation of water and the transportation of the ion are independent respectively.

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Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti Aquaporin AtSIP1;1

COP-COP-080031 100UL

¥ 30,000
$ 400
€ 300

Anti Aquaporin AtSIP2;1

COP-COP-080032 100UL

¥ 30,000
$ 400
€ 300