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useful for the research of the Schwann cell and peripheral myelin.

Anti Schwann Cell/peripheral myelin monoclonal antibody (Schwann/2E)


Host Mouse
Specificity Reacts to Myelinating Schwann Cells or Myelin Sneath of Human Peripheral Nerve
but not to Oligodendrocytes of Myelin Sneath of Human Central Nerve.
Antigen Human peripheral nerve extract
Clone Schwann/2E
Isotype IgM
Cross reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat



Result of Immunohistochemistry with Schwann/2E
Schwann/2E positively reacts to Spinal Nerves but negative to Parenchymas (lower light area of the figure)
Sample : Spinal Cord of Human (parafin embedded / fixed with formaldehyde)
Dilution Rate : 1/10000
Staining Methods : Streptoavidin/Biotin

Expansion Graphic of Spinal Nerves stained with Schwann/2E
Schwann Cells and Myelin Sneath are positively stained with Schwann/2E

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Anti Schwann Cell/peripheral myelin


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€ 300

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.