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Anti Lamin B Receptor (LBR) polyclonal antibody


Lamins are nuclear membrane proteins that serve to maintain nuclear structure and functions.
Lamin B receptor (LBR) is localized in the nuclear envelope inner membrane and anchors the lamina and heterochromatin to the membrane (1). It may mediate interaction between chromatin and lamin B (2). The interaction with lamin and chromatin is regulated by phosphorylation.


1. Western blotting (0.2-1 ug /ml)
2. Immunoprecipitation.
3. Indirect immuno-fluorescence staining
Other applications were not tested

<Identification of LBR in HeLa cell by immuno-precipitation and immuno-staining>

Identification of LBR in crude extract of HeLa cells by immuno-precipitation followed by western blotting

Indirect immuno-fluorescence staining of HeLa cells

1. Worman HJ, et al (1988) A lamin B receptor in the nuclear envelope. Pro.Natl.Acad.Sci. USA 85:8531
2. Pyrpasopoulou A, et al. (1996) The lamin B receptor (LBR) provides essential chromatin docking sites at the nuclear envelope. EMBO J. 15: 7108-19

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Anti Lamin B Receptor

BAM-70-301-EX 50UG

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Anti Nup153

CAC-CE-010A 100UL

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.