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Anti Cut5/Rad4 (S. pombe) polyclonal antibody


Cut5/Rad4/Dre3 protein is an essential component for DNA replication and also for the damage and checkpoint control which couples S and M phases (1, 2). It interacts with chromatin proteins to form the complex required for the initiation and progression DNA synthesis. It contains 4 BRCT domains and the molecular mass is 74.1 kDa with 648 amino acids.


1) Western blotting (500 fold dilution). Not tested for other applications

Figure Identification of the Cut5/Rad4 protein in the crude extract of S. pombe with this antibody
Samples were prepared by alkali-lysis of the cells followed by TCA precipitation of proteins.

Lane M : Size markers (kDa)
Lane 1 : Wild-type cells
Lane 2 : The cut5-5Flag gene replacing the wild-type cut5 gene
Lane 3 : The cut5-13myc gene replacing the wild type gene
Lane 4 : The cut-TAP gene replacing the wild-type gene

* Cut5 protein is known to be sensitive to protease digestion in the C-terminal region and the native and the degradation products are observed as described in Ref.2

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti Cut5/Rad4

BAM-63-107-EX 100UL

¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350

  • Saka Y. et al. Damage and replication checkpoint control in fission yeast is ensured by interactions of Crb2, a protein with BRCT motif, with Cut5 and Chk1.Genes Dev.11:3387 (1997)
  • Saka Y. et al. Fission yeast cut5 links nuclear chromatin and M phase regulation in the replication checkpoint control.

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.