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Anti histone H2B (S. pombe) polyclonal antibody


In the eukaryotic cells, DNA is packaged repetitively into nucleosomes by means of interactions among two molecules of four classes of histone, H2A, H2B, H3 and H4.Each of the histone proteins has an evolutionarily conserved amino-terminal ‘tail’ that protrudes from the nucleosome.This tail is the target of numerous diverse signaling pathways, resulting in the addition of many post-translational modifications.These modifications include phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation, ADP-ribosylation and mono-ubiquitination.Many important new modifications within the structured core and the carboxy-terminal tail regions of histones are also being identified.It is becoming increasingly clear that these modifications represent crucial regulatory events that govern the accessibility and function of the genome


1) Western blotting (1,000 fold dilution).
2) Immunoprecipitation (CHIP assay).

1. Maruyama T. et al.Histone H2B mutations in inner region affect ubiquitination, centromere function, silencing and chromosome segregation.EMBO J. 25:2420-2431 (2006) 

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Anti H2B

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