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Anti SARS Coronavirus Spike glycoprotein Monoclonal antibody


A novel type of coronavirus has been identified as the causative agent of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).Spike glycoprotein is essential for the infection and directly binds to the virus receptor, ACE2 (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2).Hybridoma 3A2 has been isolated by infecting mouse with SARS virus and as the clone which produces antibody that specifically reacts with the virus-infected cell (Fig. 2), in the laboratory of Prof. K. Ikuta of Osaka University.Monoclonal antibody 3A2 recognizes the spike protein consisting of 1181 amino acids, which migrates at 200 kDa position on SDS-PAGE (Fig. 1) due to its glyco-chains.


1) Western blotting (0.1~0.3 μg/ml)
2) Immunofluoresece staining

1) Fig 1. Identification of the spike glycoprotein in the crude extract of the SARS virus infected cells by western blotting using 3A2 antibody at 10,000 fold dilution

2)Fig 2. Identification of the spike antigen in the SARS virus infected cells by indirect immunostaining with 3A2 antibody.(a)Uninfected Vero E6 cells.(b)

1. Satija N, Lal SK, The molecular Biology of SARS coronavirus. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci.
1102, 26-38 (2007)
2. Yamate M. et al. Establishing of Vero E6 cell clones persistently infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Microbes and Infection 7:1530-1540 (2005)

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