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Anti GENA (Germ cell-specific antigen) monoclonal antibody [clone : TRA98]


A monoclonal antibody TRA98 recognizes a mouse testicular germ cell-specific antigen (1). In adult tissues, bands of 60-100 kDa proteins are detected only in the testis by Western blotting analysis with TRA98 (Fig. 1). The signals are observed in male and female embryos after embryonic day 12.5. The signal of male is detected during development of germ cells and then after birth, but the signal of female is disappeared by 5 days after birth. The antigen is localized only in the nuclear fraction of testicular germ cells and this antibody can be used for immunohistochemical staining of testicular (1, 2).
The hybridoma produced TRA98 obtained from the immunaization with cell lysates of adult mouse testes to a rat by the Yoshitake Nishimune group of Osaka University. This product is purified form the ascitic fluid of nude mice.


1) Western blotting
2) Immunohistochemical staining

Western blotting with TRA98 using variousmouse tiassues.
IgG was 5,000-fold diluted before use.

1. Tanaka H, et al., Int. J Androl. 20, 361-366 (1997)
2. Ohta et al., development 127, 2125-2131 (2000).