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3D cell culture using high porosity membrane inserts

Preset VECELL®

The Preset VECELL® are set sterile in the wells of the plates and immediate seeding of cells is possible.
Plates can be purchased individually and in packs of 10.

Feature and Advantages

 Ready to Use. VECELL Inserts are "pre-sent in the wells of the plate(6-well/24-well). The plates can be used immediately.
 The VECELL Insert has high membrane porosity and allows cell growth in a condition closer to an in vivo conditions.
 The medium freely penetrates through the VECELL porous membrane, allowing individual cells to be in contact with the medium like in vivo conditions.
 The VECELL porous membrane becomes transparent when wet with medium, allowing microscopic observation of cells. The porous membrane can also be cut out easily and sections can be photographed.

Organization of cells

Images show cross-section of Caco-2 cells after long-term culture.

Cultured layers like monolayer culture are constructed and form tissue which produces ECM. Culturing with VECELL enables sectioning to easily observe growth of cells and ECM.

Suitable for tissue culture

Culture of human periodontal ligament tissue
Cell proliferation with high ALP activity was observed on Preset VECELL®. Preset VECELL® with high porosity structure helps growth of tissue to cell proliferation, and maintains high ALP activity.

Tomoyuki Kawase, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences

in vivo-like reaction in vitro

Cultured mesenchymal stem cells collected from bone marrow of rat

Mesenchymal stem cells were collected from bone marrow of rat a nd cultured on Preset VECELL®, plastic plate and geratin-coated porous membrane respectively and ALP a ctivities were measured. Uniform cell proliferation and high ALP activity was observed on Preset VECELL® with dexamethasone compared to other culture plates.

Hajime Ohgushi, Research Institute for Cell Engineering (RICE), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) .

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Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Preset VECELL 30/6well(1)


¥ 8,000
$ 107
€ 80

Preset VECELL 30/6well(10)


¥ 80,000
$ 1067
€ 800

Preset VECELL 12/24well(1)


¥ 8,000
$ 107
€ 80

Preset VECELL 12/24well(10)


¥ 80,000
$ 1067
€ 800


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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.