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Novel Fluorecent Dye

Solvatochromic fluorophore for living cell [ POLARIC™ ]


POLARIC is very unique solvatochromic fluorophore for living cells. POLARIC possess dramatically changes the emission spectra depend on hydrophobic variation of microenvironment of cell organelle.

Feature and Advantages

# Extremely low cytotoxicity
# Minimum cell damage by excitation wavelengths around 460 - 520nm.
# Fade-resistant fluorescence
# Dramatically changes the emission spectra depending on hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity of the microenvironment of cell organelles


Usage example <HEK293>
“coloration change “ depend on organelle

Usage example <Hela cell>

Usage example <rVAC(Rat Visceral Adipocyte)>
Mitochondria : orange
Cell membrane : green
Endoplasmic reticulum : yellow

Usage example <rat cardiac muscle cell>
Staining the cardiomyocyte (orange) and non-cardiomyocyte in different colors is possible. After staining, the cardiomyocyte keeps beating.

Comareing staining

Usage example <rat marrow monocyte>
In culturing with the osteoclast differentiation medium of rat marrow monocyte, the differentiation of rat marrow monocyte into osteoclast was observed while stained.


  1. Resolve the red dye pellet with 3μL of ethanol, and transfer dye solution into 10mL of medium (staining solution). Staining solution could stored at 4℃ for 2 weeks, protection from light.
  2. Culture the cells onto glass bottom dish (nonluminecent glass).
  3. Remove the culture medium from the culture dish, rinse with PBS and add the same volume of prewarmed staining solution.
  4. Incubate the cells under 5% CO2, at 37℃ condition for 10min 2hrs. Staining condition should be optimized for your cell.
  5. Wash the cell culture 3 times with culture medium after staining process.
  6. View the stained cells using a fluorescence microscope at Ex 460 nm 520 nm and Em 520 nm 700 nm.

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