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Latest tool to obesity research

Visceral Adipocyte Culture Kit


Mesenteric adipocytes, a type of visceral adipocytes, are located along the portal vain that transports nutrients absorbed from the intestinal tract to the liver (Fig. 1). Evidence has shown that excess fat accumulation in the visceral adipose tissue contributes to the pathogenesis of Type II diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. The Rat Visceral Adipocyte Culture Kit contains preadipocytes isolated from rat mesentery and culture medium that induces differentiation of precursor cells into mature adipocytes, finally causes hypertrophy. The kit provides a convenient system for studying the mechanism of adipogenesis as well as for screening drugs that prevent metabolic syndrome such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension by blocking the processes of adipogenesis.


Description (Cat. No.) Derived From Components
Visceral Adipocyte V-1
SD Rat Mesenteric Adipose Tissue Visceral Predipocyte (Frozen, 3×106 cells) 1 vial
Visceral Adipocyte H-1
SD Rat Mesenteric Adipose Tissue • Visceral Predipocyte (Frozen, 1.5×106 cells) 2 vials
Visceral Adipocyte Culture Medium ver.1
  250 mL / 1 bottle
Visceral Adipocyte Culture Medium ver.2
250 mL / 1 bottle
Cosmedium VAC SF-V1
  250 mL / 1 bottle
Cosmedium VAC SF-V2
250 mL / 1 bottle

Components of Medium:

Visceral Adipocyte Culture Medium ver.1 (Cat.No. PMC-VACMR-COS) is a complete medium designed for optimal culture of visceral preadipocytes in vitro. It is a sterile, liquid basal medium (DE/F-12) which contain essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, other organic compounds, trace minerals, inorganic salts, growth factors, hormones, newborn calf serum, and antibiotics.

Visceral Adipocyte Culture Medium ver.2 (Cat.No. PMC-VACM2-COS) which includes 1 ng/mL of insulin and physiological concentration of growth factors is more similar to in vivo condition than ver.1 which includes 10,000 ng/mL of insulin and no growth factors. Both medium do not contain differentiation agent. Cosmedium is suitable for maintenance of preadipocytes.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Visceral Adipocyte V-1


¥ 114,000
$ 1520
€ 1140

Visceral Adipocyte H-1


¥ 58,000
$ 774
€ 580

Visceral Adipocyte Culture Medium ver.1


¥ 27,500
$ 367
€ 275

Visceral Adipocyte Culture Medium ver.2


¥ 36,500
$ 487
€ 365

Cosmedium VAC SF-V1


¥ 14,000
$ 187
€ 140

Cosmedium VAC SF-V2


¥ 22,000
$ 294
€ 220

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