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Heat-sealable bags for hybridization and detection procedures for blotting membranes

Hybri-Bag (Heat-sealable Hybridization Bags)

Feature and Advantages

- High Strength (Soft: 0+80°C, Hard: 0+120°C) Composite Film
- Easy to seal with a Heat Sealer
- No Non-specific Binding (Non Powder product)
- Clear and Smooth surface
- Reasonable Price

We provide you three types of Hybri-bags:
1.) Soft Type ( Cat.#SE-S-1021-EX ) : Soft surface
2.) Hard Type ( Cat.#SE-S-1001-EX)
3.) Grid Type ( Cat.#SE-S-1002-EX ) Same hardness as Hard type. Easy to use and cut to desired size with 1cm grid.

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The major advantage of using Hybri-bags:
1) The amout of antibodies and buffer is minimized
2) Overnight drying of membrane can be prevented
3) Can be used for RI safely. Waste of RI is minimized
4) Can be used to store membranes (with buffer)


1. Cut the Hybri-bag to adjust the size to the membrane.



2. Put membrane and buffer including antibody into the Hybri-bag, and seal with a heat sealer. (Note that you need to remove the bubbles from the hybri-bag when you seal to perform even blocking.)

3. Perform blocking on the shaker.



TypeSoft Hard Hard (Grid type)
Cat.# SE-S-1021-EX SE-S-1001-EX SE-S-1002-EX
Inside Polyethylene Polypropylene
Outside Nylon
Size 200 x 300 (mm)
Quantity 50 Bags

    Frequently Asked Questions

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Hybridization Bags Hybri-Bag Hard (1 cm grid)

SE-S-1002-EX 50SHEET

¥ 3,900
$ 52
€ 39

Hybridization Bags Hybri-Bag Soft

SE-S-1021-EX 50SHEET

¥ 3,900
$ 52
€ 39

Hybridization Bags Hybri-Bag Hard

SE-S-1001-EX 50SHEET

¥ 3,900
$ 52
€ 39