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Compact Easy-to-use Burner!

Touch Burner APT-3

Save space by using the small and compact APT Touch Burner which does not require a gas hose! New features include the burner being able to stay “on” continuously.

The flame is adjustable enabling use of the burner for a variety of tasks.

Touch Burner flyer download [PDF]

Feature and Advantages

  • Compact design
  • Remaining gas amount can be observed easily
  • Various application due to adjustable flame
  • Design to prevent wax accumulation in tube

*We can not provide you with the Gas Bombe. Please purchase appropriate Gas Bombe sold in your country to use with the APT3 Touch Burner.

Kit component

59 x 141 x 67 mm
250 g
1 x AA Battery

Gas Filing, Locking and Consecutive Burning

  1. Make sure the push button is locked and battery is removed.
  2. Set the product upside down before you inset gas cartridge.
  3. Fill the gas by inset the gas cartridge (for cigarette lighter) upright to gas inlet on bottom of the product.

*Do not fill a gas in the vicinity of combustible materials.
*Please take the body and a gas cylinder with your hand when you fill up.

Method of lock and release

If ‘FIRE’ of the lock button can be seen, the push button can be pushed. In other words you can ignite If ‘LOCK’ of the lock button can be seen, the push button cannot be pushed. In other words you cannot ignite.

Consecutive burning operation

  1. Please hold the push button and move the lock slide to the front to operate the consecutive burning. 
  2. Please move the lock slide to the back when you stop the consecutive burning, then the push button goes up and you can put out a fire. 

*Be careful about burn and a fire by checking ignition and putting out when you operate the consecutive burning.

Installing the battery

  1. Make sure push button is locked. 
  2. Open a battery cover on bottom of the product and place AA battery. 
  3. Be sure to close battery cover to avoid possible electrical shock. 
  4. Please remove the battery when you move the body, put it away, or do not use it for many hours.

Ignition and extinguishing

  1. Release the push button. 
  2. Press a push button to ignite. 
  3. Check the ignition. If it doesn't ignite, you release a push button. 
  4. If it doesn't ignite after several attempts, please refer to a troubleshooting guide. 
  5. Adjust a fire power. 
  6. It will extinguish by releasing push button. 
  7. Lock the push button to prevent the ignition that you do not aim at.

Adjusting a fire power

  1. Flame adjusting plate is located on front of the product. 
  2. When you turn it right, it will increase the fire power, and decrease the fire power when you turn it left.
  3. Do not look inside the combustion pipe when you adjust the fire power. 
  4. Also be careful about burn and a fire when you adjust the fire power. 
  5. Flame is not steadied by the level of adjustment of the fire power in all places. 
  6. Please adjust the fire power to maintain its stability of a flame.

After use

  1. Be sure it is completely extinguished. 
  2. Front panel and the product itself is very hot right after extinguished. 
  3. Handle with caution to avoid possible burns. 
  4. Lock the push button. 
  5. Remove AA battery when you don't use it for a long time.

Need some tips on Troubleshooting?

Cleaning the burner pipe

  1. Dust may clog burner pipe and lead to an ignition failure. 
  2. Clean it properly with following procedure. 
  3. Make sure push button is locked and battery is removed. 
  4. Keep pressing the upper part of front panel as pulling it forward.  The front panel will come off. Remove the connector on both sides of burner pipe. 
  5. Hold burner pipe firmly and remove burner pipe by loosening a hexagon nut on bottom side of burner pipe with 7mm wrench. 
  6. Clean a pinhole as described on figure, with cotton swabs. 
  7. Wash burner pipe with hot water and dry it completely. 
  8. Reassemble burner pipe by inverting the steps 2- 4


Need some tips on Troubleshooting?

Safety Instructions

  1. This product uses flammable gas and could initiate high-temperature flame. Use with caution to avoid possible risk of fire or burns. 
  2. When you move the product, please put out a fire, remove a battery, and keep the push button locked by the lock slide. 
  3. Do not store this product in the vicinity of combustible materials or possible flammable chemicals. Use this product in level, on a stable table. 
  4. Confirm that wax is not in the combustion pipe before use. 
  5. Do not use this product where flame is drift to sideways, such as near air conditioner, to avoid overheating the product which causes a fire. 
  6. Use this product in well-ventilated place. 
  7. Prolong use in poor-ventilation room could carbon monoxide by incomplete combustion. Do not disassemble this product. 
  8. Do not remove stickers on the product.

Need some tips on Troubleshooting?

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Touch Burner APT-3


¥ 27,000
$ 360
€ 270