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A New World of Electrophoresis

i-MyRun. Power Supply

i-MyRun Power Supply

The same power supply is used for both i-MyRun.N Electrophoresis System for Nucleic Acid and i-MyRun.P Electrophoresis System for Protein.
♦Enabled for one-touch and remote control operations.
♦The latest settings are stored to allow electrophoresis to start under the previous conditions by one-touch operation.

#Instruction Manual
#Instruction ManualPDF

Remote control can be easily operated in your hand

Constant voltage control with 2 sets of terminals
Precise and durable circuit design


Power Supply Specifications
Dimensions Power unit 55 (W) x 170 (D) x 90 - 110 (H) mm
Control unit 55 (W) x 70 -95 (D) x 30 (H) mm
Power specifications Constant voltage 35, 50, 75, 100, 135V 400mA
(2 Migration Chambers can be run simultaneously)
Constant current 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80mA
(80 mA; up to 300V, restricted to one Migration Chamber at a time)
Electrical specifications 6 Voltage from 100 to 240 VA, AC 50/60 Hz
Timer 999 min (1 sec resolution less than 1 min)
Other NOT certified for UL, CE marking



Product List

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Power Supply for i-MyRun


¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350