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P-BEAT Electrophoresis Cell

P-BEAT High Speed Electrophoresis Cell is for the exclusive use of Precast Gels MULTIGEL II mini manufactured by Cosmo Bio Co.,Ltd

Feature and Advantages

♦ Easy-To-Use
♦ Can be electrophoresised 2 gels simultaneously
♦ Prevent gel from heating and smiling by cooling system
♦ Can be used High Voltage

Kit component

Dimension 145 W × 115 D × 150 H mm
Buffer Volume About 700 mL
Maximum Sheets 2 Sheets

Set up condition for high speed SDS-PAGE

Setting Voltage: 300V-500V
Electrophoresis Time: about 40min-25min 

Example Data

  1,2 lane: SIMASIMA Ladder Broad 5ul
3,4 lane: SIMASIMA Ladder Low 5ul
5,6 lane: SIMASIMA Ladder High 5ul

Electrophoresis device: P-BEAT
Electrophoresis condition: 300V,40min
Gel: MULTIGEl II mini 4/20 (13W)
(Gel concentrarion 4-20%)

Staining:CBB Staining
(Page Blue 83 stain solution(CBB-R250)DCB-423406)

Lower Buffer Cooling System

Lower Buffer Cooling System

It separates upper and lower buffer tank.
This system prevent by heat from upper buffer
because cooles the gel cassette in lower buffer.
By this structure, it can be used high speed electrophoresis at a high voltage.


Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

P-BEAT Electrophoresis Cell

DCB-500000 1UNIT

¥ 78,000
$ 1040
€ 780

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.