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Environmental Research related products

Broad Check Metallothionein kitClick

useful for the masurement of Metallothionein (MT) I and II in human and animals
FERTIUP and CARD MEDIUM Metallothionein (MT) which is Cd binding protein have discovered from horse kidney by Margoshe and Vallee in 1957. MT is present in all animal cells and has strong affinity against another heavy metal.The physiological role are concerned in detoxication of organic metal, metabolic regulation of bioessential metal, protection from stress andfree radical. However, to obtain high affinity anti MT antibody was veryhard because MT is cysteine rich (about 30%), low molecular weight protein and by the absence of aromatic amino acid in this structure.Therefore, the high sensitive ELISA system has not established and difficult to investigate the behavior of MT in vivo.

Deoxynivalenol (DON) ELISA kitClick

Useful for the masurement of Deoxynivalenol(DON) in cereal and feed
FERTIUP and CARD MEDIUM Deoxynivalenol(DON) belongs to the trichothecene family mycotoxin and is most produced of Fusarium graminearum. DON often occurs in plant products particularly in cereal. Due to their high cytotoxic and immunosuppressive properties, these toxins pose a risk to human and animal health. Accurate determination of the presence of toxin is of major importance to those monitoring the quality of feed and food in which DON may occur.This kit is a simple and easy procedure kit for detection of DON in cereal with a monoclonal antibody.


This kit is simple and rapid detection kit for foodborne pathogens utilizing immunochromatographic assay. Simple test procedure with simply dropping specimens of enrichment culture to a test strip. Rapid judgment of test results, by checking the reddish purple test line simply after 15 minutes from the start of assay.


  Anti Metallothionein monoclonal antibody

  Anti Mummichog Vitellogenin Monoclonal Antibody [Clone No. 3E11]

  Anti Medaka Vitellogenin Monoclonal Antibody [Clone No. 3C1]

  Anti Carp Vitellogenin Monoclonal Antibody [Clone No. 1G2]

  Anti Red Sea Bream Vitellogenin Monoclonal Antibody [Clone No. 5A4]

  Anti Alligator Estrogen Receptorα (Rα) Polyclonal Antibody


Closed System Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter
  • The Bioruptor® II is hermetically sealed and it can be tested Biohazard Free, Contamination Free and Radioisotope Free.
  • Simultaneous processing of polyspecimen is available (Max. 0.5 mL x 48 tubes).
  • Promotes reproducible results for small or massive amounts of sample.
  • The Bioruptor® II can process sample with the volume flexibility from 0.5 mL to 50 mL by the variety of accessories (0.5 mL - 50 mL).
  • For enhancing the disruption efficiency, autoclavable resonance chip can be used over 10 ml tubes.
  • Since an integral-type programmable timer has been set, setup is easy.
  • The bundled high-level Sound Absorbing Box reduces noise from ultrasonic sources.

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.