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Easy Extraction of High Purity Genomes with Magnetic Silica Beads - No Phenol Extraction,Reducing Hazardous Waste

MagExtractor® -Genome-

This kit is for the extraction of high purity genomic DNA from biological samples such as blood and cultured cells. The recovered genomic DNA can be used directly, mainly in enzymatic reactions such as PCR.
As this kit employs the principle that magnetic silica beads bind genomic DNA present in a lysate solution, it is not necessary to perform deproteinization using harmful reagents such as phenol, ethanol precipitation, or high-speed centrifugation, thus simplifying the extraction process.
This kit is suitable for the MFX Series automatic nucleic acids extraction system and can also be used as a manual kit for B/F (solid-liquid) separation using a magnetic beads separation stand.
When extracting genomic DNA from blood, whole blood can be used for DNA extraction, doing away with the need for leukocyte separation as required by conventional methods.


  • Genomic DNA Extraction from Whole Blood, Cultured Animal Cells, Animal Tissue, and Mouse-Tails
    The recovered genomic DNA can be used directly, mainly in PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

<Example Operations>

1. Examination of Yield and Purity
Genomic DNA was extracted from 100 µl of whole blood using this kit and others commercially available. The yield obtained with this kit was approximately equivalent to those obtained with the commercially available ones. With regard to purity, impurities such as proteins or RNA were more likely to have been present with use of the other commercially available kits (companies A and C), whereas such impurities were not detected with use of this kit. The results show that use of this kit allows extraction of high purity genomic DNA from biological samples such as whole blood.

2. Example PCR Using Extracted DNA
After extracting genomic DNA from 100 l of whole blood collected from ten healthy, unrelated donors using this kit, we carried out PCR. Using 1/20 of the total amount of the extracted DNA, PCR was performed with Taq DNA polymerase with a single-locus probe of the VNTR regions of DNA, MCT 118, as a target. Approximately 1.4-2.2 µg of high purity genomic DNA with an A260/280 ratio between 1.83 and 1.84 was obtained.
MCT118 is a repeated sequence of 16 bases, and it is thought that by determining the number of these repeats profiling can be performed. In this PCR with MCT118 as a target, the specific bands for each individual were detected.

Feature and Advantages

  • Suitable for Various Kinds of Sample
    Allows the extraction of genomic DNA from samples such as whole blood, cultured animal cells, animal tissue, and mouse-tails.
  • Quick, Simple Extraction
    MagExtractor -Genome- is based on the principle that magnetic silica beads bind genomic DNA, enabling quick simple extraction.
    When extracting genomic DNA from blood, whole blood can be used as is.
  • No Phenol or Chloroform Extraction
    This kit does not require the use of harmful phenol or chloroform so there is no hazardous waste problem.
  • Produces High Purity Genomic DNA
    The genomic DNA extracted with this kit contains hardly any impurities such as RNA or proteins, allowing for direct use in various experiments.


This kit extracts high purity genomic DNA according to the following steps.

1. Add Lysis & Binding Solution containing chaotropic reagents to the sample to dissolve the cells.
2. Add Magnetic Silica Beads and mix for the DNA in the sample to adhere to the silica’s surface.
3. Wash the beads with the two kinds of Washing Solution and remove unwanted proteins, RNA, salts, etc.
4. Elute and recover DNA from the beads with sterile water or low salt buffer, etc.

One-Point Advice

  • B/F Separation
    Manual use of this kit is simplified with a magnetic beads separation stand. B/F separation may be performed using a compact desktop centrifuge instead of a magnetic beads separation stand.
  • DNA Sample Carry Over to PCR
    Since the recovered genomic DNA solution contains some ethanol, we recommend carry over to PCR be at most 1/5 of the total reaction volume. To evaporate the ethanol, it is advisable to heat the recovered solution at 75°C for five minutes.
  • Sample Amount for Extraction
    Excessive sample amounts may result in reduced genomic DNA yields. We recommend the proper amount of sample be used.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

MagExtractor -Genome-

TYB-NPK-101 100RXN

¥ 37,400
$ 499
€ 374

MagExtractor -Genome-

TYB-NPK-102 500RXN

¥ 146,700
$ 1956
€ 1467

MagExtractor -Plant Genome-

TYB-NPK-501 100RXN

¥ 37,400
$ 499
€ 374

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.