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3D Culture (40)

Mebiol® Gel PNIPAAm-PEG 3D Thermoreversible Hydrogel
Mebiol® Gel Frequently Asked Questions
Atelocollagen Sponge MIGHTY
AteloCell® series Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
AteloCell® Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane for 6-well, 24-well culture plate
AteloCell® Atelocollagen powder
3D Cell Culturing Products Top
VECELL® 3D Cell Culture Plate
VECELL®  Plate Films
Preset VECELL®
Hybrid VECELL® H-Plate
Gas Permeable VECELL® G-Plate
Alginate Culture Kit Frequently Asked Questions
AteloCell® Series: TOP
Mebiol® Gel Hydrogel Literature Citations and References
CHITOSAN NANOFIBER MATRICES Cell & Tissue Culture Substrates
Alginate 3D Cell Culture Kit
AteloCell® Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold
AteloCell® Atelocollagen, Native collagen Acidic Solutions
Atelocollagen : Pepsin-solubilized type I collagen solution
Native collagen : Acid-solubilized type I collagen solution
AteloCell® Atelocollagen Neutral collagen solutions
Eagle's MEM
DMEM Low Glucose
DMEM High Glucose
RPMI 1640
AteloCell® Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane for 50mm culture dish
AteloCell® Atelocollagen, Honeycomb sponge
AteloCell® Atelocollagen, Honeycomb sponge - Experimental example 2
AteloCell® Characteristics of Atelocollagen
AteloCell® References - Atelocollagen, I-PC(1)
AteloCell® References - Atelocollagen, I-PC(2)
AteloCell® References - Native collagen, I-AC(1)
AteloCell® References - Native collagen, I-AC(2)
AteloCell® References - Native collagen, I-AC(3)
AteloCell® References - Native collagen, I-AC(4)