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Anti Legionella pneumophila Antibody


Legionnaires disease (LD) was recognized in 1976 after an outbreak of pneumonia at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia. Soon after, the etiologic agent was identified as a fastidious gram-negative bacillus and named Legionella pneumophila. Although several other species of the genus Legionella were subsequently identified, L pneumophila is the most frequent cause of human legionellosis and a relatively common cause of community-acquired and nosocomial pneumonia in adults. In children, L pneumophila is also an important, although relatively uncommon, cause of pneumonia.


1) Immunofluorescent and Immunochemical staining (1/10,000 ~1/30,000 dilution)
2) Immunohistochemistry (1/3,000~1/10,000)
3) ELISA (1/10,000~1/30,000 dilution)
4) Agglutination (1/2,000~1/5,000)

Example of Immunofluorescence assay, BAM-64-100-EX

Immunofluorescent staining of Legionella pneumophila in the infected HEK293 cells using anti-Legionella pneumophila antibody. HEK293 cells were infected with Legionella pneumophila strain Philadelphia1 fixed with 4% formaldehyde and reacted with the anti-Legionella pneumophila antibody at 1/10,000 dilution. As the second antibody, goat Rodamine Red X conjugated anti-rabbit IgG antibody was used at 1/10,000 dilution. DNA was stained with Hoechst 33342 (center) and the images were merged with that of differential interference contrast microscope (right).


Example of ELISA, BAM-64-100-EX

Titration of antibody reactivity of anti-Legionella pneumophila antiserum by direct ELISA Plate was coated with 100 μl of 109 cells/ml per well and 100 μl of the antiserum at the indicated dilution was added to each well and incubated. After washing, goat anti-rabbit-IgG conjugated with HRP was added as 2nd antibody. Color was developed with TMB as substrate. “pre” is preimmune serum and “Immunized” is immunized serum.

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Anti Legionella pneumophila

BAM-64-100-EX 200UL

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.