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Useful for research of sugar chain


Lectin has linkage specificity for sugar chains. Lectin is useful for not only physiological and functional studies of Lectin, but also research of complex carbohydrate sugar chains.


Combination classification*1 Lectins abbreviated name Origin Combination classification*1 Unlabelled Labelled Immobilization
Monosaccharide Carbohydrate chain type*2 Biotin Agarose
Gal/GalNAc Specific ABA Agaricus bisporus
O JCM-J102 JCM-J202
DBA Dolichos biflorus
Dolichos bean
O GL JCM-J104 JCM-J204  
ECA Erythrina cristagalli N O GL JCM-J106 JCM-J206  
PHA-E4 Phaseolus vulgaris
Kidney bean
N JCM-J111 JCM-J211  
PHA-L4 Phaseolus vulgaris
Kidney bean
N JCM-J112 JCM-J212  
PHA-P Phaseolus vulgaris
Kidney bean
N JCM-J113    
PNA Arachis hypogaea
O GL JCM-J114 JCM-J214  
SBA Glycine max
O GL JCM-J117 JCM-J217  
RCA120 Ricinus communis
Castor-oil plant
N   (Only set product available)  
Man Specific Con A Canavalia ensiformis
Concanavalin A
N   JCM-J203  
    LCA Lens culinaris
N JCM-J107 JCM-J207  
PSA Pisum sativum
N JCM-J115    
Fuc Specific
Lotus Lotus tetragonolobus
O GL JCM-J109 JCM-J209  
UEA-I Ulex europaeus O GL JCM-J119    
GlcNAc Specific DSA Datura stramonium N GL JCM-J105 JCM-J205  
PWM Phytolacca americana
N JCM-J116    
    WGA Triticum vulgaris
Wheat germ
N     JCM-J320-2ML
Sialic acidSpecific MAM Maackia amurensis N JCM-J110 JCM-J210  
SSA Sambucus sieboldiana N O JCM-J118 JCM-J218 JCM-J318

*1 Classification of convenience
*2 Carbohydrate chain type N: N type carbohydrate chain, O: O-type carbohydrate chain, GL: Glucide and lipid carbohydrate chain

1. Unlabeled Lectin

2. Biotin-labeled Lectin

3. Lectin Agarose

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.