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useful for the research of pathologic analysis in variegated ageing mechanisms

Anti Klotho Monoclonal Antibodies


May have weak glycosidase activity towards glucuronylated steroids. However, it lacks essential active site Glu residues at positions 239 and 872, suggesting it may be inactive as a glycosidase in vivo. May be involved in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis by inhibiting the synthesis of active vitamin D (By similarity). Essential factor for the specific interaction between FGF23 and FGFR1.
The Klotho peptide generated by cleavage of the membrane-bound isoform may be an anti-aging circulating hormone which would extend life span by inhibiting insulin/IGF1 signaling.

Database links  SwissProt : Q9UEF7

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Establishment of the anti-Klotho monoclonal antibodies and detection of Klotho protein in kidneys.
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Klotho is a novel beta-glucuronidase capable of hydrolyzing steroid beta-glucuronides.
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Anti Klotho

KAL-KO603 50UG

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Anti Klotho

KAL-KO604 50UG

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