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Primary Antibody Detection Reagent for Western Blots

Introduction of Easy Western II


Easy-WESTERN (EZW) is the primary antibody-detecting reagent designed for Western Blotting. We can now detect primary antibodies without using 2nd antibody, and also gets many advantages, such as high sensitivity and quick detections, which you have never experienced.

The product is now two types;

●Easy-WESTERN Quick is designed for Quick detection

Easy-WESTERN II Quick basic set [Cat#BEC-BCL-EZQ21]
Easy-WESTERN II Quick marker detector set [BEC-BCL-EZQ22]
Easy-WESTERN II Quick mouse enhancer set [BEC-BCL-EZQ24]
Easy-WESTERN II Quick full set [BEC-BCL-EZQ23]

●Easy-WESTERN Super is designed for High sensitivity detection

Easy-WESTERN-II Super, basic set [Cagt#BEC-BCL-EZS21]
Easy-WESTERN-II Super, marker detector set [Cagt#BEC-BCL-EZS22]
Easy-WESTERN-II Super, mouse enhancer set [Cagt#BEC-BCL-EZS24]
Easy-WESTERN-II Super, full set [Cagt#BEC-BCL-EZS23]

Easy-WESTERN Super and Easy-WESTERN Quick is the same product except that each working manual is written to optimize the product properties.


Easy-WESTERN is developed basing on our original MAD (multi-purpose antibody detecting) technology. The main componet of MAD is protein particles which have ability to bind Fc region of antibodies. Each particle has c.a. 100 Fc-binding proteins and labeled with HRP of c.a. 50 molecules. Thus Easy-WESTERN provides detection of priamry antibodies without using secondary antibodies with higher sensitivity and quick detections. The product also provide simultaneous detection, signal enhancemnet by re-probing and others.

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For Quick Antigen Detection or Multi Antigen Detection

>>Easy Western II Quick

For High Sensitivity and Strong Signal Detection

>>Easy Western II Super



To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.