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Protein-free immuno-reaction enhancing solution. We recommend to use it with Blocking Reagent -Chemically Defined-

IMMUNO SHOT - Platinum - & Blocking Reagent - Chemically Defined -


IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- is, like IMMUNO SHOT, an enhancer of antigen-antibody reaction. In Western blotting and ELISA, researchers often experiences weak signal or high background. IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- improves these problems by just using it as antibody diluents. Due to the principle of working mechanism, IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- can be used in many assay systems that use antigen-antibody reaction.
IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- is, unlike IMMUNO SHOT, consisted of all chemical components and contains no proteins. So this product is useful for assay systems that have to be avoided protein contamination.

How IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- Works
IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- contains polymers. One polymer, by changing the physicochemical properties of antigen and antibody, enhances the mutual accessibility, and facilitate the specific reaction. The other polymer reduces non-specific binding of antibody. Thus, IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- enhances the antigen-antibody reaction while reducing background

Features of IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-

1. High signal with low background
IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- enhances the antigen-antibody reaction. Comparing with the method using detergent-containing buffer, several to over 10-fold stronger signal can be obtained while the background level is low. Thus, you can get much higher S/N ratio than usual method.

2. Effective for saving antibody usage and time of reaction time
Because higher signal can be obtained using IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-, you can reduce the amount of antibody used and the time required for reactions.

3. Can be used for many reactions
IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- can be used not only for Western blotting and ELISA, but also for other assay systems using antigen-antibody reactions. In addition, IMMUNO SHOT -Platinumdoes not affect activities of HRP or ALP, and can be used for assay systems using these enzymes.

4. Easy to use
IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- is one solution format and formulated as to Ready to Use. Just exchange your dilution buffer of antibodies to IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- solution.


Principle of usage for IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-

・ IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- is one solution format. Just use the same solution for the dilution of the 1st and 2nd antibody. No change is required for the other assay protocol. For details see the later instructions.

・ Do not dilute the IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- solution. The solution is optimized. Dilution causes loss of IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-’s ability.

・ IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum- can be used in Western blotting, antibody sandwich ELISA with either the 1st or 2nd antibody-labeled type, antigen sandwich ELISA.


Example of experiment

Example 1 Detection of phospho-EGFR

1. IMMUNO  SHOT -Platinum-
3. TBS-T

Sample:  A431 Cell Lysate
Blockng: Blocking Reagent -Chemically Defined-
Primary antibody Anti-pEGFR, rabbit
Secondary Anti-rabbit, goat-HRP

Example2 Antibody Detection ELISA

Capture Antigen: Leichmania antigen
Blocking : Blocking Reagent -Chemically Defined-
Antibody: infected serum
Detection: Anti-human IgG-HRP


Example3 Detection of HMG-1

3:IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-

Blocking: Blocking Reagent -Chemically Defined-
Primary antibody: Anti-HMG-1 mouse mono
Secondary antibody: Anti-mouse IgG-HRP

Blocking Reagent -Chemically Defined-

To make 100% protein-free assay system, we recommend Blocking Reagent for WB / ELISA-Chemically Defined.

Recommended to use together with Immunoshot Platinum

Blocking Reagent -Chemically Defined- Protein free blocking reagent

Example 1

Example 2

A: skim milk, TBS-T
B: skim milk,IMMUNO SHOT(1&2)
C: skim milk,IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-
D: Blocking Reagent-Chemically Defined、IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-
(Data source: Kyoto University, Graduate School of Biostudies, Negisi laboratory, Hironori Kato)

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-

CSR-IS-P-250 250ML

¥ 15,000
$ 200
€ 150

IMMUNO SHOT -Platinum-

CSR-IS-P-500 500ML

¥ 28,000
$ 374
€ 280

Blocking Reagent for WB -Chemically Defined-

CSR-IS-CD-500W 500ML

¥ 8,000
$ 107
€ 80

Blocking Reagent for ELISA -Chemically Defined-

CSR-IS-CD-500E 500ML

¥ 10,000
$ 134
€ 100

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.