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Enzyme Immuno Assay based hepatitis B surface antigen subtyping kit with monoclonal antibodie

HBsAg Subtype EIA


This kit has been developed as a reagent for research purposes to detect respective subtypic determinants, d, y, r, and w, in hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) positive samples for identification of HBsAg subtypes such as adr, adw, ayr and ayw.
Detection of subtypic determinants is based on the solid-phase sandwich EIA (Enzyme Immuno Assay). 96 wells of the microplate are coated with monoclonal antibody against the common determinant a of HBsAg. HBsAg in samples dispensed to wells is caught on the solid phase and their subtypic determinant, d, y, r, or w, is detected by peroxidase-labeled monoclonal antibody against corresponding determinant.

Feature and Advantages

☆ Subtypes of HBsAg can be determined by solid-phase sandwich EIA (Enzyme Immuno Assay)
☆ 96-well (8 wells/strip x 12) solid phase microplate coated with anti-HBs a
☆ Total reaction time is 5.5 hours


Determination of subtypes of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in serum or plasma

Kit Contents

1 Microplate coated with anti-HBs a (8 wells/strip x 12) 1 plate.
2 HBsAg negative control 1 mL x 1 vial
3 HBsAg positive control (d) green 0.5 mL x 1 vial
4 HBsAg positive control (y) yellow 0.5 mL x 1 vial
5 HBsAg positive control (r) red 0.5 mL x 1 vial
6 HBsAg positive control (w) white 0.5 mL x 1 vial
7 Enzyme labeled monoclonal antibody (d) green 1.5 mL x 1 vial
8 Enzyme labeled monoclonal antibody (y) yellow 1.5 mL x 1 vial
9 Enzyme labeled monoclonal antibody (r) red. 1.5 mL x 1 vial
10 Enzyme labeled monoclonal antibody (w) white 1.5 mL x 1 vial
11 Enzyme substrate (3, 3', 5, 5'-tetramethylbenzidine) 10 mL x 1 vial
12 Reaction stopper 10 mL x 1 vial
13 20x concentrated washing solution (containing detergent) 25 mL x 2 vial
14 Plate seal 3 sheets.


Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

HBsAg Subtype EIA


¥ 96,000
$ 1280
€ 960

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.