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For detection of IgG anti-HEV antibody or IgM anti-HEV antibody in human serum

IgG/IgM anti-HEV EIA


Hepatitis E is caused due to hepatitis E virus (HEV) and chiefly presents the acute hepatitis symptom. Moreover, infection with HEV produces antibodies to HEV. At theacute stage of hepatitis E, IgM anti-HEV antibody appears in the patient serum and continues for 2-5 monthsafter appearance of disease. IgG anti-HEV antibody appearsa little delaying, continues for a long term and becomes indicator of now or past infection..This kit is a reagent that detects IgG anti-HEV antibodyor IgM anti-HEV antibody respectively.

Assay Principle

IgG anti-HEV antibody is detected in sera of oatients infected by hepatites E virus (HEV) in the past, and IgM anti -HEV antibody is detected during the acute stage of infection with HEV. The detection system of this kit is based on the enzyme immuno assay  (EIA) and is made up of 2 steps of the antigen -antibody reaction and the enzyme coloring reaction. The first antigen-antibody reaction takes place between the HEV antigen coated on the microplate and the anti-HEV antibody in samples and the second reaction between the IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody bound to the antigen coated on the microplate and  the antibody labeled with enzyme (horseradish peroxidase labeled antibody). When the IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody is present in samples, the first and  second reactions take plece and absorbance by color proportional to the amount of the IgG/IgM anti-HEV antibody insamples developed by enzyme reactions is measured.

Kit Contents

1 Microplate coated with HEV antigen
(8 wells/strip * 12)(Recombinant HEV antigen)
1 plate.
2 Negative control (blue) 0.5 mL x 1 vial
3 IgG positive control (red) 0.5 mL x 1 vial
4 IgM positive control (yellow) 0.5 mL x 1 vial
5 Sample diluent 50 mL x 1 vial
6 Anti-IgG enzyme labeled monoclonal sntibody
(Peroxidase labeled anti-human IgG mouse monoclonal antibody)
5 mL x 1 vial
7 Anti-IgM enzyme labeled monoclonal sntibody
(Peroxidase labeled anti-human IgM mouse monoclonal antibody)
5 mL x 1 vial
8 Enzyme substrate (3, 3’, 5, 5’-tetramethylbenzidine) 5 mL x 1 vial
9 Reaction stopper solution (19.6% sulfuric acid) 5 mL x 1 vial
10 20 x concentrated washing solution 50 mL x 1 vial
11 Plate seal 3 sheets.

1) Mikhail S, Balayan MD: Type E Hepatitis: State of Art.Int J Infect Dis 2 (2): 113-120, 1997.
2) Mizuo H, Suzuki K, Takikawa Y, et al: Polyphyletic strains of hepatitis E Virus are responsible for sporadic cases of acute hepatitis in Japan. J Clin Microbiol 40: 3209-3218, 2002.
3) Takahashi M, Nishizawa T, Miyajima H, et al: Swine hepatitis E virus strains in Japan form four phylogenetic clusters comparable with those of Japanese isolates of human hepatitis E virus. J Gen Virol 84: 851-862, 2003.
4) Tkahashi M, Kusakai S, Mizuho H, et al: Simaltaneous detection of immunoglobulin A (IgA) snd IgM antiboies of acute HEV infection. J Clin Miclobiol 43: 49-56, 2005..

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Anti HEV (IgG/IgM), EIA


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