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Enhanced Superovulation Reagent for mouse

CARD HyperOva

The CARD HyperOva is an enhanced superovulation reagent for mouse.

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CARD HyperOva® (Japanese Patent No. 5927588) is an ultra-superovulation reage nt that induces ovulation at higher efficiency when compared with the conventional superovulation induction me thod (PMSG-hCG method). following the conventional method, we were only able to obtain approximately 20 ova per mouse (C57BL/6J) on average; using CARD HyperOva®, however, we can obtain as many as 3-4 times more ova.

CARD HyperOva


  • Reduction in Experimental Animal Use (Contribution to 3Rs)
    Using CARD HyperOva® enables us to reduce the number of female mice used for ovum collection by 1/3-1/4.
  • Optimization of Genetically Modified mouse Creation and Preservation
    More ova can be obtained from less female mice using CARD HyperOva® than following the conventional method, which will facilitate in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.
  • Application to Valuable Genetically modified Mice
    Using CARD HyperOva® on your valuable genetically modified mice enables you to obtain a lot of ova from small number of females, thus enabling the large-scale preparation of embryo
* 7.5 IU of CARD HyperOva® or PMSG was injected to four weeks old female mice, then 7.5 IU of hCG was administered 48 hours later. Thereafter all ova obtained 17 hours after the hCG injection were collected.
* The in vitro fertilization rate is defined as the number of 2-cell embryos divided by the total number of ova (mean±SD).
* Data cited from a paper published by Prof. Naoki Nakagata and Toru Takeo (Center for Animal Resources and development, Kumamoto University)
No. Strains Method Number of oocytet donors Number of inseminated oocytes Average number of ovulated oocytes/female No. of fertilized eggs Fertilization rate (%)
1 C57BL/6J eCG 10 277 27.7±5.4 267 96.4±3.2
Product 10 1072 107.2±22.7 963 89.8±3.7
2 BALB/c ByJ eCG 10 293 29.3±8.9 213 73.4±11.3
Product 10 903 90.3±14.5 680 76.4±9.0
3 C3H/HeJ eCG 10 286 28.6±8.4 251 87.8±22.6
Product 10 520 52.0±18.1 446 85.8±15.5
4 DBA/2J eCG 10 225 22.5±7.8 194 86.2±11.0
Product 10 688 68.8±13.6 592 86.0±4.5
5 FVB/NJ eCG 10 168 16.8±3.3 159 94.6±6.7
Product 10 256 25.6±5.9 239 93.3±6.6
6 CD1 eCG 10 202 20.2±8.0 146 72.3±16.0
Product 10 337 33.7±9.9 269 79.8±19.6


  • Anti-inhibin antibody.
  • Purified equine villus chorionic gonadotropin (eCG).

Stored at -20°C.


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*The clumps doesn't affect the effectiveness of CARD HyperOva®.
**The hCG is not supplied in this kit.

Technical Notes

CARD HyperOva® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

CARD HyperOva

KYD-010-EX 1ML

¥ 6,000
$ 80
€ 60

CARD HyperOva

KYD-010-EX-X5 5*1ML

¥ 29,000
$ 387
€ 290

CARD HyperOva

KYD-010-06-EX 0.6ML

¥ 4,500
$ 60
€ 45

CARD HyperOva

KYD-010-06-EX-X5 5*0.6ML

¥ 21,500
$ 287
€ 215

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.