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Mediums for Human cell culturing

COSMEDIUM and Basic nutrient medium for human cells


COSMEDIUM H001 (H001) is a ready-to-use chemically defined medium for supporting a long-term growth of normal human fibroblasts without animal-derived components such as serum or serum albumin. This medium consists of basal medium (Amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, trace elements, nucleotides, carbohydrates, lipids and precursors, etc.,) containing recombinant human insulin, recombinant human EGF , synthetic polymer and dexamethasone. This medium does not require cell attachment and/or spreading factor-coated culture surfaces to obtain full growth of normal human fibroblasts.



Store at 4 to 5℃ in dark room . Do not freeze and thawing (Expiration date: 4 months). Tested endotoxin level of the medium (Not detected). Bioassay test on the cell growth of human dermal fibroblasts.


♦ Form of cell cultured by COSMEDIUM H001
(Cell : HDF-1)
Day 3 Day 7
HDF-1 cell cultured in COSMEDIUM H001 shows a fusiform typical fiber blast cell form.
Multilayer of the cells are not recognized.
・COSMEDIUM H001+0.5%Human serum
Day 3 Day 7
Addition of the 0.5% of Human serum inproves the proliferation.


Basic nutrient medium for human cells

Description / Component Application Cell Cat. no.
MCDB107 Medium Human diploid fibroblast, Blood vessel endothelium 3, Vascular smooth muscle cell, Cardiac muscle cell CK010
MCDB153 Medium Human epidermis cornification cell, Epithelial cell CK014
MCDB153HAA Medium Human epidermis cornification cell, Epithelial cell CK016
RITC80-7 Medium Human fibroblast CK018

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

COSMEDIUM H001, for Nomal Human Fibroblasts

CSR-CK001 500ML

¥ 20,000
$ 267
€ 200

MCDB107 Medium

CSR-CK010 1000ML

¥ 13,000
$ 174
€ 130

MCDB107 Medium

CSR-CK011 500ML

¥ 8,700
$ 116
€ 87

MCDB153 Medium

CSR-CK014 1000ML

¥ 13,000
$ 174
€ 130

MCDB153 Medium

CSR-CK015 500ML

¥ 8,700
$ 116
€ 87

MCDB153HAA Medium

CSR-CK016 1000ML

¥ 13,400
$ 179
€ 134

MCDB153HAA Medium

CSR-CK017 500ML

¥ 9,400
$ 126
€ 94

RITC80-7 Medium

CSR-CK018 500ML

¥ 8,000
$ 107
€ 80

RITC80-7 Medium

CSR-CK019 1000ML

¥ 12,000
$ 160
€ 120

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.