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Do you have any troubles with freezing-crushing?

FROST MILL (Freezing-crushing unit)

This is a new type of cool mill! Only thing you have to do is to shake the crushing unit!

This unit was developed for the purpose of simplifying freezing-crushing procedure. You do not need to grind liquid nitrogen in a mortar, which is a very intricate procedure.
As commercially available, disposable closed type plastic sample tube can be used, it is possible for you to prevent samples from scattering and contaminating. With increased working efficiency, a lot of samples can be treated quickly. We would like to ask you to consider for using this unit!

Example1: freezing-crushing of yeast

1.Culture yeast (S. cerevisiae) in YPD medium until exponential growth phase.
2.Collect fungi from 1ml culture in 2ml sample tube using centrifuge.
3.Then, freeze and crush them by SK MILL.
4.Eliminate fungal residue and recover nucleic acid by phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation.
5.Apply it to electrophoresis.

Example2 : RNA extraction from green leaves of rice

1.Cut green leaves of rice ( ca. 1 gram) into small pieces by scissors.
2.Then, freeze and crush them by SK MILL.
3.Extract RNA by CTAB ( cetyltrimethylammonium bromide) method.
4.Apply it to electrophoresis.


Specification of SK MILL
Catalog No. TKV-SK-100-EX
Tube Commercially available closed type with round bottom (for 2ml)
Recommended sample tube : Eppendorf Safe-Lock tube, Catalog No.0030120094
Except for above-mentioned tube, there are some products not suitable for this unit in terms of shape and quality of material.
Confirm suitability of tubes before applying to this unit.
Quantity for treatment Less than ca. 0.5 ml for 1 tube ( differs for each sample)
Quality of material Crusher : stainless steel
Tube holder : aluminum alloy, silicone rubber
Outer case: transparent acrylic polymer, Delrin

This unit is developed in cooperation with Tokyo University of Science.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Frost Mill short


¥ 96,000
$ 1280
€ 960

Frost Mill long


¥ 108,000
$ 1440
€ 1080

Frost Mill long autoclavable


¥ 114,000
$ 1520
€ 1140

Crusher 10pc

TKY-SK-100-D10-EX 10PC

¥ 7,000
$ 94
€ 70

Crusher 100pc

TKY-SK-100-D100-EX 100PC

¥ 65,000
$ 867
€ 650