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Elastin Glycation Assay Kit, Glyceraldehyde


Elastin is one of the extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins containing collagen that consists in many hydrophobic amino acids such as alanine, glycine, valine, and proline. Elastin is a elastic fibrous protein, which is located in the aorta, ligaments, lungs, skin, and connective tissue. It is wrapped around coil-like collagen to maintain the shape of tissues, providing the elasticity-stretch. Elastin is abundant in the medial portion of the vessel walls, the content arteries take up are thick resulting in higher blood pressure. Elasticity and flexibility acting on blood vessels are maintained by elastin.

Fig.1 Elastin in skin tissue Fig. 2 Elastin in an artery wall

Elastin in the vessel wall and skin tissue is also glycated by diseases such as aging and diabetes. It has been reportedto cause sclerotic change and aging of blood vessels and skin. Elastin Glycation Assay Kit provides rapid detection of fluorescent AGEs found in elastin glycated with glyceraldehyde and screening of inhibitory eff ects of your samples. This kit provides suffi cient reagents to perform up to 192 assays. This kit is ideal for functional materials development that is focused such as lifestyle-related diseases and aging prevention research for blood vessels and ligaments.


Assay Principle

Elastin Glycation Assay Kit is a complete assay system designed to measure the fl uorescent AGEs formed in elastin, when the elastin is glycated with glyceraldehyde. The fl uorescent AGEs can be detected with the fl uorescence microplate reader equipped with a 370nm excitation fi lter and 440nm emission fi lter.

Kit component

  Purpose of Use Volume Storage
1 Elastin Solution 10mL     4°C
2 Glyceraldehyde Solution(500mM)  2mL
3 Dilution Buffer  30mL
4 Aminoguanidine Solution(20mM): Glycation Standard  5mL

* One kit contains regents for 192 assays (Tube or 96 well Plate)
* Additional materials required

Assay Example

The following fi gures demonstrate Elastin Glycation Assay Kit results.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Elastin Glycation Assay Kit, Glyceraldehyde


¥ 57,600
$ 768
€ 576


E. Konova et al. Age-related changes in the glycation of human aortic elastin. Experimental Gerontology 39 (2004) 249-254

G. Nicoloff et al. Serum AGE-elastin derived peptides among diabetic children. Vascular Pharmacology 43 (2005) 193-197

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.