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Primary Antibody Detection Reagent for Western Blots


Primary Antibody Detection Reagent

Especially for Quick Antigen Detection or Multi Antigen Detection


The Easy-WESTERN kit is ideal for high sensitivity, signal enhancement, and simultaneous detection of multi-antigens that is not possible with standard Western blot techniques.

In this page, we introduce Easy WESTERN II Quick for quick antigen detection or multi antigen detection.

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Feature and Advantages

1. No need for secondary antibody - MAD reagent can detect most primary antibodies*

2. Higher signal for weakly expressed antigens

3. Enhance signal by easy reprobing no stripping the membrane

4. Improve signal while using less primary antibodies

* MAD reagent may not work well with goat IgG. For best results use Mouse IgG Enhancer with mouse IgG1 primary antibodies. The performance of EZW depends on the type of antibody, and we do not warrant higher sensitivity in all cases.


No secondary antibody required


One-step operation, realizes the quick and high sensitivity detection


Realizes the super quick detection by one-step operation


The reinforcement of the signal which was weakened by a second antibody is possible


The plural antigens are detected simultaneously


Realize the super high sensitive detection using the third reaction


Kit component

1. Multi-Antibody Detection (MAD) Reagent (250uL), store at -20°C immediately upon receipt and after every use.
2. 10x Dilution Buffer (60mL), store at 4°C after diluted
3. Marker Detection Reagent (50uL,kits BCL-EZQ22, BCL-EZQ23), store -20°C
4. Mouse Enhancer Reagent (250uL, kits BCL-EZQ23, BCL-EZQ24), store -20°C
Marker Detection Reagent and Mouse Enhancer Reagent are provided in an antifreezing solution, so that they do not freeze even at -20°C.
All components should be stored at the recommended temperatures to prevent inactivation.


Easy-WESTERN is developed basing on our original MAD (multi-purpose antibody detecting) technology.

The main componet of MAD is protein particles which have ability to bind Fc region of antibodies. Each particle has c.a. 100 Fc-binding proteins and labeled with HRP of c.a. 50 molecules. Thus Easy-WESTERN provides detection of priamry antibodies without using secondary antibodies with higher sensitivity and quick detections.

The product also provide simultaneous detection, signal enhancemnet by re-probing and others.

Q&A and Experimantal examples

Q: How long does the product can be used?
A:  The MAD reagent when stored at -20 °c、other reagents when stored at 4°c, you can use the product for 1 year.

Q: MAD reagent can be diluted by other buffers than the provided one ?
A:  No, you have to use the provided dilution buffer which is specially designed for MAD reagent.

Q: What antibodies, other than mouse IgG1 and Goat IgG, MAD reagent can not react well?
A:  Human IgG3 is not well recognized by MAD reagent. For mouse IgG1, however, mouse IgG enhancer covers the less sensitivity.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Easy WESTERN II Quick ,basic set


¥ 30,000
$ 400
€ 300

Easy WESTERN II Quick ,Maker detector set


¥ 33,000
$ 440
€ 330

Easy WESTERN II Quick ,full set


¥ 35,000
$ 467
€ 350

Easy WESTERN II Quick ,mouse enhancer set


¥ 33,000
$ 440
€ 330

Easy-WESTERN enhancer for Mouse IgG


¥ 3,500
$ 47
€ 35

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.