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Anti HIV-1 Nef antibody


HIV-1 Nef is one of the accessory proteins synthesized in the early stage of AIDS virus reproduction and is abundantly found in infected cells. The name derives from its negative factor thought at the beginning but presently it is remarked as the protein which bears a most distinctive biological characteristic of AIDS virus (1). The protein interacts directly with the signal transduction protein of the host T cell and works effectively on AIDS infection or on long term survival of the infected cells or induces apoptosis of non-infected cells (2). It is also involved in the endocytosis and degradation of cell surface receptor proteins such as CD4 and MH4 which are important for AIDS virus infection.


Purified full-size recombinant Nef of HIV-1 subtype B expressed in E. coli

Application Note

Western blot (1/1,000~1/3,000)

Dot blot (1/3000)

Immunoprecipitation (assay dependent)

ELISA (assay dependent)

Other applications have not been tested

Fig.1 Detection of HIV-1 and HUV-2 Nef by Western blotting
Lane1: Extract of MT4 cells
Lane 2: Extract of MT4 cells infected with HIV-1(LAI strain)
Lane 3: Extract of HIV-2 (strain UC2) infected cell The antiserum was diluted 1,000 fold before use.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti HIV-1 Nef

BAM-65-015-EX 100UL

¥ 34,500
$ 460
€ 345

Anti HIV-1 Nef

BAM-65-016-EX 250UL

¥ 94,500
$ 1260
€ 945

Anti HIV-1 Nef

BAM-65-017-EX 50UL

¥ 31,500
$ 420
€ 315