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a novel Superovulation Reagent for mouse.

CARD HyperOva Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Is CARD Hyperova a mixture of eCG and inhibin antiserum?
Answer Yes, it is mixed.
Question Can you confirm the source of the horse gonadotropin…recombinant or purified? If recombinant, from what organism? If purified, what is the country of horse origin?
Answer The horse gonadotropin of HyperOva is purified, and the origin country of horse is Japan.
Question What is the country of goat origin?
Answer The goat is a male Saanen goat who was born and raised in Japan.
Question Did the goat comingle with any other livestock?
Answer No. Only with other goats.
Question Is the antibody unprocessed goat serum?
Answer The goat serum was 2 times diluted by physiological saline. The horse gonadotropin was dissolved in saline, too.
Question For the goat anti-mouse inhibin antiserum, what is the source of the immunogen?
Answer It is a synthetic peptide.
Question I can see a clump/precipitate/sediment in the vial.
Answer The clumps doesn't affect the effectiveness of CARD HyperOva.
Please avoid the clumps and aspirate only other solution.
Question Can the product in 1ml vials be refrozen once thawed if we only need to use 0.3mls from a vial, at a time?”
Answer Once the 1ml vial is opened, please use it to administrate intraperitoneally all at once.
The 0.1mL - 0.2 mL can be administered in mice.
Question Is the product working after it was stored at 4°C for one week instead of -20°C ?
Answer We cannot guarantee the quality under this storage condition.
Since the HyperOva may have been inactivated, we cannot recommend you to use it.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.