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For 3D cell culture on gas-permeable membrane

VECELL® 3D Cell Culture Plate

Keeps spheroidal state of cells

Suitable for drug discovery screening

The membrane used in VECELL® has porous structure as shown in the right figure. By this structure, you can culture more in vivo-like and also, more in monodispersed-like state.

VECELL® 3D Culture Plate Flyer [PDF]

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The VECELL® porous membrane

The membrane, referred to as the VECELL® Insert consists of ePTFE fibers modified with an amphiphilic polymer and collagen which enhances cell attachment and proliferation.


Fig 1. Culture Membrane of VECELL® Plates 
Scanning electron micrograph of the surface of the porous membrane

Fiber length 10-50 μm
Width Between the fibers   2-5 μm
Thickness of the membrane      50-70 μm
Porosity of membrane 90%

Fig 2. Culturing on VECELL® membrane
Compared to culturing on conventional plastic dishes where cells strech out due to insufficient oxygen supply, cells grow and proliferate in a more similar way to when they do in an in vivo environment. 


In major 2D culture using plastic plates, amount of oxygen rely on those which dissolved in culture medium, and lack of gas exchange makes cells die. VECELL® 3D Cell Culture Plate provides environment close to in vivo and cells can proliferate naturally. High porosity membrane allows culture medium pass through freely, so each cell is surrounded by culture medium which makes cells keep natural shapes. Unlike cells cultured on plastic dish, they do not form spheroids. Gas permeable membrane makes exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which makes cells to be cultured for a longtime. During the culture, gaps of cells are filled with ECM and form 3D structure without changing shapes of each cell.

Gas Permeable VECELL® G-Plate

G-Plate scaffold consists of a unique 3D cell culture model by high oxygen permeable materials and application of artificial vessel techniques for fabrication. The features of transparency and surface smoothness prevent diffuse reflection and spreading of light source, and are suitable for imaging system including microscope observation from the bottom and drug discovery screening. Unlike spheroids, there is no cell death towards the center of the spheroid due to unique form and oxygen supply. A high Z-factor supports analysis of even the inside of the 3D structure. Cell sizes are close to natural tissue and nuclei are also compact.

VECELL® Gas Permeable G-Plate

Hybrid VECELL® H-Plate

Like Preset VECELL, 96-well gas permeable plates wells consists of a hybrid of a high porosity membrane and gas-permeable membrane. Oxygen can be supplied from the bottom of the wells providing a close to in vivo condition for the cell culture. The plates are appropriate for High Content Screening. Black and White color plates are available in the line-up individually and also in packs of 10.

VECELL® Gas Permeable G-Plate

Preset VECELL®

The VECELL Inserts are set sterile in the wells of the plates and immediate seeding of cells is possible. Plates can be purchased individually and in packs of 10.

VECELL® Gas Permeable G-Plate

VECELL® Plate Films

All VECELL® films are manufactured in the clean room. It decreases risk of contamination and allows use for tender applications such as transportation of cells. Since organic solvents are not used for adhesive compounds, they are ecological and health-friendly products. Despite high functionality, we provide them at affordable prices.

VECELL® Gas Permeable G-Plate